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We all need a certain amount of stress in our lives. No stress can be almost just as unhealthy as to much stress. Just the right amount of stress in our lives can be healthy because it keeps us motivated. As soon as someone mentions the word stress most people think of it in negative terms but I think that without stress peoples lives would become dull and boring.

Stress management is something people are starting to take a lot more seriously. This teaches us how to control our stress and try to keep it at a level that is healthy and keeps us motivated. It is important to note that stress is not only generated in the workplace but also it can be caused by your home life. In the following essay I would like to look at some types of stress and there effects on people.

Mild stress:
Mild stress is a common type of stress. This type of stress is exciting and thrilling in small amounts but too much is exhausting. This type of stress could be caused by roller coaster rides or by giving speeches when your not used to public speaking. Overdoing it on this type of stress can lead to tension headaches, upset stomachs, fast breathing and a dry mouth and throat. Mild stress does not last long enough to do the damage associated with long term stress.

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Individual stress:
Some people can become addicted to this type of stress as this type of stress can often give an adrenalin rush. It can be caused by sometimes leaving workloads to the last minute to create a so-called ??? dead line rush???. People suffering from this type of stress are most of the time disorderly and they are always in a state of chaos and crisis. They are always in a hurry to some meeting and nine times out of ten they are always late. Some of the symptoms of this type of stress can be hypertension, chest pain, migraine headaches and heart disease.

Job stress:
As we all know our jobs can cause a lot of stress. One of the main causes of stress in my workplace was I always had to fight with upper management for resources to get my job done. It was always a constant struggle to get the help I needed to get tasks done on time. Regular consultation with my superiors finally seems to have had a good effect with this situation and all my frustrations with this part of my job seems to have disappeared. While I was in this struggle with upper management I used to get really tense, suffer from headaches, dread going to work each morning and snap at people for no reason. But by working with management and sorting out this part of my job I now find that I look forward to going to work each morning, rarely get headaches and cannot remember the last time I had a falling out with somebody in work.

Long-term stress:
Long-term stress is a type of stress that grinds people down day by day month-by-month. It can destroy minds, bodies and lives. Those suffering from long-term stress are often people who are stuck in a horrible situation and do not see any way out of it. Long-term stress is a dangerous stress to be under with some sufferers getting symptoms such as heart attacks, strokes and even suicide. The symptoms of long-term stress could be hard to treat and could require a lot of medical treatment and therapy.

Traumatic stress:
Also known as posttraumatic stress disorder. I first heard about this type of stress by watching documentaries about Vietnam veterans and their experiences in Vietnam. It was noted that a lot of these veterans were complaining about flashbacks, emotional numbness and having extreme emotional outbursts to minor things. While this type of stress has always been around after wars and conflicts for example soldiers returning from World War 1 and 2 were said to be shell-shocked. We now know this was posttraumatic stress disorder. People with traumatic stress can also suffer problems with concentration, controlling impulses and decision-making. In the long term this type of stress can develop into behavioural disorders, depression, multiple personality disorders or even compel a sufferer to commit suicide. While we see a lot of this type of stress in soldiers who have been in combat it does not only affect soldiers. Everyday people can suffer from this type of stress after a traumatic experience such as accidents, a brush with death, death of a loved one and abuse (Sexual or Psychological).

Stress levels:
The level of stress at which we work is important. If you do not suffer some stress in your job you may find it boring and in turn become demotivated. If you have too much stress in your job your performance may suffer because stress related problems are getting in your way. Only you can set your own stress levels to where you work at your most productive.

Stress management:
People will always suffer from stress. The trick to dealing with stress is learning how to control the amount of stress in your life. While more and more companies are sending people on stress management courses to help them deal with stress. There are also little things you can do yourself to help control the stress in your life.
Be social: Take a few minutes to join in a conversation around the coffee machine, have lunch with a friend, make a few good friends in work and it will feel like a second family.

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