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Free Essay on Stress Management

Free sample essay on Stress Management:

In order to reduce stress using the method of time management we must first have an understanding of the phrase time management. According to Mind Tools an article published on the Internet, “Time Management” is a set of related practical skills that help you to use your time in the most effective and productive way possible (1995). Time management helps you to reduce work stress by being more in control of your time and by being more productive. This ensures that you have time to relax outside work.

According to Carnegie Mellon an article published on the Internet, there are two main types of time wasters self generated and environmental. Self-generated are those that come about as a result of your thoughts, feelings and actions, such as being disorganized, being unable to say “no” to tempting distractions, succumbing to the urge to procrastinate or feeling burned-out or apathetic.

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An then there are those who are environmental time wasters they are imposed upon you by the environment, such as unexpected visitors, phone calls, “no-show” appointments and unproductive meetings (Mellon, 2003).

There are many different ways to manage time, planning is the first. Short term plans are much more immediate and cover events that will take place in the months, weeks or days ahead. This type of planning can be accomplished by maintaining a “to do” list. Itemizing all the tasks needed to attain the goals of your short-term plans, and a master list specifying what needs to be done for your long-term ones.

Keep a time log this will help in planning projects so that they are done properly, with adequate resources and use the time you have more effectively. It will also create more time, manage and avoid distractions, this will increase your productivity and personal effectiveness the rewards of efficient time management are great. Utilization of proper time management can lead to a lifetime of relaxation, less anxiety, and ultimately a life of less stress.

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