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Defining success is a difficult task, because it is a relative term. At my young age I fear I may not have enough experience or milestones under my belt to define such a grand word, however, I will make my best attempt to do so. Michael Korda’s definition of success is a helpful one, however, I doubt I can yet concur completely because I have not tasted the success he speaks of. Although lacking in experience of my own, I will use his views to amplify some thoughts of my own.

There is so little that I’ve achieved, and so much more to overcome. From the obstacles that I have overcome, however small they may be, I can define my success as a state of mind, a state of peace. Success is a feeling of happiness and content, and usually involves a feeling of reflection. The greatest joy I receive from success is reflecting on my journey from the starting to end point. Upon looking back, I always find myself succeeding at something-mere moments after I almost surrender myself. I can compare the state of success as something a little out of our grasp, however hard we reach, or however fast we run towards it, it does not make itself attainable until we are fatigued and close to expiring. The struggle and path towards success may seem turbulent, but it is always worth the ride. It is a struggle that requires a lot of sweat, sometimes blood, and maybe sometimes tears. It is only after we’ve exhausted ourselves and reached our destination that we see our efforts paid off. Not too long ago, I was working towards a higher belt ranking in a martial arts association.

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Along the way there were many times I wanted to give up, and many other times I questioned my dedication towards the goal. It took a lot of internal strength and diligence, but after constant training and practice, I achieved my higher belt ranking. It was only then that I appreciated my own time and investments towards my goal. As superficial the term ‘success’ may be, I believe it involves hard work, dedication, and sometimes forging effort that we never thought we had.

I agree with Michael Korda’s reference to success as a journey. He states a good point that I’d like to elaborate on. I would add to his point that the journey is similar to an adventure. The goal is essential to success, but the journey should not be overlooked. On our paths towards our destinations we grow in character, in wisdom and strength. On our paths to our destinations is where we acquire the traits of a successful person. On our paths to our destinations is where we struggle, sometimes with ourselves and sometimes with others. It is here, in the trenches of our battles, when integrity, bone, and sinew are tested and we are revealed to the hardships we must face and overcome. However formidable or appalling the adventure may sound, for the strong there is always a victory revel in. With obstacles defeated, and hardships won, we can call ourselves travelers, because we’ve journeyed to success.

There are many different professions and goals to set out for. Good or bad, big or small, in the profession we choose these things do not matter to us. However, I believe each role or occupation that we choose, is its own entity and has its own morality. For example, a soldier’s duty is to defend our freedom, our land and our bases and our people and county. There are times when a soldier’s duty may include brute force, or harm to our enemies at the cost of our defense. Can we say that the soldier is righteous, because he’s defending us? Or should we say his alignment is more towards diabolic, because he’s a killer? In a situation like this, morality to the unfamiliar eye may seem confusing. Some may even say he has no morals at all. Some may say, he’s just doing his job, getting ahead in his career, but carries no morals. I think it would be wrong to say that.
I believe morality plays its part in everything, even in an occupation like this. The soldier’s morale is placed not in the whole-hearted attempt at being good, neither is it placed in the attempt at being evil, his morality is established in the soldier’s role itself. The soldier’s role is that of a freedom fighter, a defender and a provider.

Success is a sweet thing. Something that may appear impalpable at times, but something we should not fear. It takes a journey worth going on and effort worth spending to become successful. Do not fear the journey that may appear too perilous to trek on, but fear that we may miss the chance to take that journey.

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