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I am going to cover the basic steps on how to prepare and swim 500 yards (20 laps) freestyle. In order to get a good time you need to be dedicated and true to the sport and event.

STEP ONE: Items needed Depending on your gender you will need to wear a swimsuit or something relevant to swim shorts. Most male swimmers wear Speedos, in order to go faster. When choosing a suit size, you want to get the smallest size you can fit in to, so that you don’t have drag, and the suit is basically stuck to your body. Most swimmers prefer double strapped goggles for he reassurance that they will stay on when they dive. Many swimmers use goggles that have no rubber lining, only plastic, these are goggles you would need to get used to. Swimmers with longer hair (even males) will need to wear a swim cap, for less drag and resistance. Caps can be thick, but the ones that personally work the best for myself are the thin caps. All of these items can be purchased at your local Big 5 sporting goods store, or any other sporting goods store, or business.

STEP TWO: Practice Makes Perfect In order to better your times you will need to practice pace 100’s and pace 500’s. A 100 is four laps which is equal to 100 yards. You will also want to practice diving off of the block. When you swim a pace 100 you want to work on your breathing technique and your stroke glide. You don’t want to sprint, because then later when you swim a 500 you will be out of energy. You want to take long smooth strokes, when you make a stroke, the tips of your fingers will hit the water and you want your whole arm to follow the exact path in to a smooth finish. When you are breathing you want to only tilt your head to the side slightly, not too much or else the bottom half of you will sink.

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You want to breathe about every 5 to 7 strokes, not every stroke or else you will be tired by the 5th lap. You want to breathe lightly. Blow out when your head is in the water, slowly, the come up for air, and breath it in slowly. The next thing you want to focus on is your flip turn. At the end of each lap in order to turn around you do a front-word flip and push off in a streamline position. A streamline position is putting your arms above your head and gripping your hands together, with your head between your arms. You want to flip quickly enough to be able to take a couple strokes before you breath. When you swim a pace 500 put everything you worked on in your pace 100 together, and make sure you work on technique.

STEP THREE: Eating the right foods Swimmers crave carbohydrates, starch and protein. You should eat a lot of carbs before you swim, not less then an hour before you enter the water or else you will get a stomachache. Bread and pasta (plain) are some of the better carb choices. Rice and Potatoes are also good sources of starch and carbs. A hard-boiled egg is good to eat before a race, it gives you protein. There is always the fruit factor, all fruits are good for your body, but not all are good to eat before you swim. An Orange is the last thing you want to eat before you swim. The citrus will sit in your system and give you a horrible stomach ache, the same thing happens when you drink Orange juice. A Banana before a race has always been my good luck. The beverage choice of a swimmer is very slim. WATER is the only thing that does a body good in the case of a swimmer. The day of a meet you should try to drink at least four bottles of water, if not more.

STEP FOUR: The Big Race On the day of your race you will want to eat healthy meals, make sure you eat, that is your source of fuel. When you get to the pool get in to the warm up lanes and practice slow strokes. Also practice starts, and flip turns. You will need someone to count for you. Find someone and make sure they have a counting block. When it is time for you to swim get your cap and goggles all secured. Make sure your straps are tight enough, so they won’t fall off. You will hear: “ Swimmers please step up…take your mark…GO!” then you dive in to the water and start swimming your laps. The person counting for you will stick the counting block in the water and you will see the number 1. A piece of advice: find a song you like and sing it to yourself the whole swim, over and over. Don’t look around you, just swim. Keep your head down and do everything you worked on at practice. Eventually you will see the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and then on the last one the person counting might put up a 19 or they may put up the side that is red which means this is your last and you are done. When you get out of the pool you will want to check your time. Remember your time so you can have a goal for the next time you swim. You should swim it between 5:20 and 9:20 depending on the shape you are in and your experience. When you get out, get in to the warm down lane and swim a few laps to loosen your muscles. Swim slowly and make sure you stretch your self, so that your muscles don’t tighten. That is mostly all you need to know in order to swim 500 yards of freestyle. If you want to see it be done come to the Ukiah High School Pool Monday-Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. You can even come watch me tonight at about 6:00 or so, and I will be swimming it.

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