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Despite the fact that the United States ranks first in the world to spend on health care, according to the quality of the care, the country is only on the 37th place, and on the general public health statistic the country is 72d in the world. In country there are about 30 million uninsured Americans, and if, God forbid, they get to the hospital (the U.S. medical institutions do not have the right not to accept a patient in critical condition), they will not able to pay off the medical costs. Doctors, in turn, unable to receive payments from one raise the bar for other. In addition, the most predatory behavior is that of the insurance companies that deny insurance every year millions of people, who need it the most – those having congenital or acquired diseases or just the conditions causing pain.

More than half of the U.S. households that became bankrupt in 2007 lost everything as a result of serious health problems. The worst thing is that 75% of families have become bankrupt because of medical problems had health insurance at the time of illness or accident.

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Many still remember the last year tragedy in the U.S., when in Denver, Colorado, at the premiere of the Batman: The Dark Knight 24-year-old James Holmes coolly shot 14 and wounded 59 people. Among those, who received a portion of the lead, was a 23-year-old Caleb Middle. The bullet hit him in the head, deprived him of the right eye, and damaged his brain. The doctors from University of Colorado Hospital put the victim in a state of artificial coma, and many months fought for his life.

Caleb is the guy from the average American family, worked as a salesman in a hypermarket, and in the evening performed with skits in local bars, dreaming of becoming a professional comedian. Dreams of his wife Cathy were much more modest – she wanted to become a veterinarian. Just in that time, they were expecting a child. The boy, whom the young couple named Hugo, was born two days after the massacre in the movie theater.

However, the worst part waited ahead. Caleb did not have medical insurance. After first aid hospital announced that the total cost of treatment was about two million dollars!

The figure shocked the whole country. Caleb’s relatives lost their heart, and then his best friend Michael Westit created a website to raise funds, has opened a page on Facebook, and his call for help was heard by about 10,000 ordinary Americans. “The money still keeps coming – Michael says – but it is not nearly enough to cover the costs of treatment and recovery.”

This story does not fit the common sense, but even more shocking by the fact that in place of Caleb may be even 45 million – it is just a number of uninsured Americans. And this is only the official statistics, which supporters of Barack Obama prefer to use. However, they are modestly silent, the data was obtained in 2006 from Census, that is, before the economic crisis and recession. How many people lost their insurance after the massive layoffs of 2008 and, how, accordingly, increased the final figure of Americans who cannot get medical help, we can only guess.

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