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Utopia is a work by Thomas More written in Latin in a form of philosophical dialogue. The book gives a description of a distant idealistic society that gave rise to the genre of social utopia.

More started his work on the book in May 1515, when he was an ambassador in Flanders.

The first edition was prepared by his friend Desiderius Erasmus. The first London edition was published sixteen years after the More’s execution. By that time, the book had already been translated into French and Italian. In this connection, Utopia had long been more known on the continent than in the More’s homeland.

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The literary sources of Utopia were Plato with his State, Critias, and Timaeus, travel-novels of XVI century, in particular, The Four voyages of Amerigo Vespucci, and, to some extent, the works of Geoffrey Chaucer and political ballads by William Langland. The plot of Utopia was based by More on the Vespucci’s Voyages.

Utopia comprises two parts of a little similarity in content, but logically inseparable. The first part of the More’s work is a political pamphlet with the criticism of the contemporary social and political order, in which author castigates “bloody” legislation for the workers, makes a stand against the death penalty and passionately attacks the royal despotism and war policy, sharply satirizes the corruption of the clergy . But particularly sharp are More’s attacks on the enclosure ruining the peasantry.

In the second part, More’s humanistic tendencies show up again. As head of the state More put the “wise” monarch, allowing the slaves do the hard work. He talks a lot about Greek philosophy, particularly of Plato. The heroes of Utopia are strong adherents of humanism.

In Utopia, work is mandatory for everybody, and all citizens are engaged in working at animal farm up to a certain age. The distribution of products is accorded to need, with no hard limits. The state system is full democracy despite the monarchy: all positions are elected and can be occupied by anyone, but, as befits a humanist, More provides intellectual leadership. Women enjoy full equality. All religions but atheism are equally welcomed.

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