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Family Vacation in many households means leaving their loved neighborhood and house to explore a new location for a week or two. Many view it as a time to relax and enjoy themselves and their families. In my household family vacations are seen in a different view. Our vacations are disasters waiting to happen. The most disaster we have ever faced in a vacation was the time my family went to Split Rock resort. Split Rock is located in the Poconos, and during the winter the snow can fall in excessive amounts. My family decided to take our trip in January. As we ventured off in the cold to our humble resort, the road was snow covered. As we began to drive, we entered the highway everyone was going around 25 miles an hour, the roads started to ice and began to get slippery. My mother and sisters sat there grasping their hands to the door holding on for dear life, as my dad proceeded on to the resort. The exit came slowly, but we were all thankful we made it through the horrible conditions. As we arrived the resort was beautiful, it seemed to be covered by a blanket of snow. Soon as we got settled in we went out for a wonderful dinner. The horror would soon begin, as we were driving back to the resort police cars were driving very fast past us, it seemed that they were qualifying to the NASCAR races. They were headed in the same direction as our resort, soon as we entered the main gates there were fire trucks and police cars surrounding the entire resort. As I peered up to the enormous building flames were engulfing the entire 3rd story. My mom screamed, “That’s our floor.” We sat there in amazement watching the firefighters extinguish the flames, as my mother sat there crying what a horrible vacation.

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AS soon as they finally took over the fire the 3rd floor was burnt to a crisp. No one was on that level at the time thankfully and they got to evacuate the entire building in time, no one received any injuries. Our vacation ended that day as it just began, our entire room was destroyed and there were no other rooms available.

The second horrible vacation we experienced was we went to New Hampshire. The state is marvelous it is filled with vast acres of land and beautiful mountains. Our trip started not by plane or train but by car. We drove the some thousand miles, by car with five people squashed inside a mid size car. The trip lasted about 16 hours, with my fathers driving skills. To us it seemed like decades, soon as we got to our hotel room it was stunning they had a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers that greeted us as we entered our room. My family and I decided we should take a drive to view the surrounding areas. We were all excited to go explore the wonderful areas of New Hampshire, everyone was running around the room ramped to get dressed. An hour passed and everyone seemed to be ready. My mother yelled from outside, “Come on girls lets go.” Me and my sister bolted out the front door to the car as my little sister 10 at the time yelled from the room “I’ll be out in a second.” But we were too anxious to listen to what she had to say. As we got in the car my dad placed the car in reverse and started to back out. We were on our way, as we drove down the road we came to a stop light and my father asked, “Ok girls where should we go first?” I answered, “Anywhere is fine.” And my other sister agreed. Then my father asked, “Lindsey how about you?” no one respond. He screamed, “We forgot your sister.” My father flew back down the street at an easy 60 mph. We ran to the door screaming, “Lindsey, Lindsey, are you ok?” She replied, “Oh good, you guys didn’t leave yet?” Everyone sat there quite, “Of course we wouldn’t leave you as my fathers winked to us to keep our mouths shut. Well my sister never figured out left her that day and we never told her we did leave either. But our vacations in our family never end in a good way some how disaster always seems to find us.

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