Why I Want to Be a Sorority Alumnae Essay

Associations are normally put in place to help improve the relationships between its members, foster a spirit of dependability/loyalty, and most importantly; advance the general welfare of the organization in question. There are numerous stereotypes associated with joining sororities in college some of which include; having to wear matching outfits and constant partying. Nevertheless, I personally believe that sororities not only help in according an individual with the ultimate college experience, but also enrich an individual’s overall development in several key aspects of life. For this matter, I am looking forward to the prospects of associating myself with a sorority that matches my beliefs and aspirations. In the ensuing discussion, I am going to outline specific reasons why I want to involve myself in a sorority. Moreover, I will try to relate my life goals and achievements to some of the benefits of being part of a sorority.

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Joining a sorority enhances leadership skills. The fact that I am a teacher basically means that I am involuntarily thrust into a position of leadership be it formally or informally. The public looks at teachers to advance the learning process of their students, have a positive impact on their peers, and shape the culture of the community through their students. Furthermore, there are additional leadership requirements that come in several overlapping ways including being mentors, learning facilitators, and resource providers. For this reason, the role of an alumnae sorority immediately becomes manifest. Undergraduates account for a good number of sorority membership. Therefore, when they join sororities, they get to learn how to be great leaders from their peers.

Nevertheless, it is somewhat different for me as I have already been marginally exposed to some situations that warranted leadership in my career path. Sororities offer much more in terms of leadership experience than what I presently exhibit with regards to leadership. Greek life entails individuals having to volunteer for leadership roles and ultimately seeking elective positions even as alumnae. Furthermore, there are other aspects such as planning activities and managing sorority budgets. Astonishingly, sorority budgets can reach up to $1m in a year. As such, becoming sorority alumnae for me is mostly hinged on the fact that it helps build capacity with regards to leadership by offering experiential learning opportunities and hands-on experience. Not forgetting that all this practically happens outside my area of specialty.

Being part of sorority helps builds one’s networks and recognition. Studies indicate that sororities account for over 9 million individuals in the United States. This predicament basically means that sorority members are in possession of a crucial weapon that can be used in enhancing a chosen career path. It is important to note that sororities offer a lifetime membership to its members. As a result, when members eventually leave college and become successful in life, the often always still come back to serve in other roles in the organization. While there are several levels sorority alumnae may serve in, the most notable roles involve advisor to chapters. Advisors may often be found attending sorority activities and events offering their availability in cases where they may be needed to offer advice or direction. Moreover, sororities also foster an environment where such opportunities to interact with accomplished sorority alumnae are possible.

Sororities pride themselves in fostering the spirit of sisterhood among members and the umbrella sorority family. For this matter, the ‘older accomplished sisters’ or those with experience on how to maneuver life obstacles are always out to help members to find meaningful connections that can be useful in accessing career opportunities or even volunteering opportunities. Interestingly, these opportunities are not limited to those in college. Sorority alumnae are also exposed to these opportunities and those willing to take such opportunities like me may highly benefit. Such a prospect is particularly significant to me as besides from teaching, I have an active interest in community service activities. I have recently indulged in a series of Red Cross community service projects and thus firmly believe a sorority would open more does with regards to this. Additionally, I know that in future if I am successful in planning my own project, I have somewhere where I can go back to seek potential volunteers and participants.

Sororities strive to give back to the community. Besides the already outlined reasons that I have put forth that mostly focus on an individual’s personal development, it is important to note that sororities also accord their members with the opportunity of indulging in philanthropy and community service projects. The fact that colleges have a profound impact on the communities that are around them provides a great opportunity to give back. As such, most sororities have dedicated service days, volunteering activities, and fundraising events that are directly useful to the immediate community. With my desire to improve my community service endeavors through the education of the youth and other additional projects that I am in the process of developing, I firmly believe that being directly exposed to such situations will go a long way in preparing me for future projects. Not forgetting the satisfaction that I will derive from just being accorded with the opportunity to freely participate in community service projects.

The fact that chapters have a set minimum GPA targets for its members makes it an exciting prospect for me. In my teaching career, I am constantly exposed to academic targets which are aspects that I can confidently guarantee helps to yield results. I am, therefore, willing to offer myself to be an instrument through which the youth can access academic help and advice which may, in turn, be useful in developing them as individuals. Such an opportunity falls in line with my overall desire in helping to educate the youth albeit in a somewhat unprecedented capacity.

On a lighter note, I am not opposed to the view of adding a little bit of fun in my life. I love interacting with people and generally having a good time. Being a sorority alumnae offers both these aspects at one go. The parties and events that may involve dancing, eating and making merry with a group of sisters that look out for you seem to be exciting. Nevertheless, it is the fact that I can intellectually interact with other people aside from my usual relations while having fun that is most promising.

In conclusion, being sorority alumnae is not as bad as it may sound. From my analysis, it demonstrates growth and maturity. Most of all, being sorority alumnae offers the opportunity of further developing an individual while at the same time offering a helping hand to the youth who are seeking empowerment. This aspect is why I want to be sorority alumnae.

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