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Free Essay on Windows vs Macintosh

Free example essay on Windows vs Macintosh:

In the early eighties the personal computer became a pivotal part of the technology world. The only problem was that a language was needed for the user to interact with the computer. This is where Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, stepped in. Steve Jobs created the Macintosh operating system. Bill Gates designed the de-facto of personal computing, Microsoft Windows. I feel that Microsoft Windows is better than the Macintosh OS because Windows is more widely used, also software and hardware is more accessible than the Macintosh OS.

Windows dominates the personal computing world. Whenever you purchase a personal computer today it comes standard with some edition of the Microsoft Windows operating system. There is a version of Windows that will satisfy anybody’s computing needs. Windows operating systems range from home or small office use to maintaining large companies such as Microsoft. The newest version of Windows is Windows XP. Windows XP comes standard on over thirteen million computers. Windows XP is popular for its newest innovations in networking and user compatibility. Windows has become very popular with internet browsers. “93.88 percent of web users view via a Windows-based machine” ( With how the world is beginning to be run from the net Windows will be the gateway to running the world.

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On the other hand there are a small handful of Macintosh OS supporters. The Macintosh OS is popular for its ease of use and graphics capabilities. Many art and graphic institutes use the Macintosh OS. This is just a small number compared to the number of Windows users. Macintosh prides itself in their ease of use operating system. “In the early days many of the tasks that Macintosh users take for granted were a chore for Widows users” ( Even with Macintosh’s ease of use it is found on less than ten percent of personal computers today.

Software stores today carry mainly only Windows compatible software. Fred Capowski says “Whenever I walk into a computer store for some software, I never look at the compatibility label because I know it works with Windows. What else would it work with?” With a quick search on Yahoo for Windows compatible software it came up with almost fifteen hundred products, not including games. “Windows account for 75% of software on the market” (News Week 71). With the diversity of Windows acquiring new software is done with ease.

Finding software for a Macintosh operating system can be somewhat of a grueling task. Not all software stores carry Macintosh compatible software. “Macintosh has a tight rein on the software that can be used with its system” ( On the plus side this ensures less compatibility and configuration issues. The negative aspect of this is that Macintosh users have less software choices. Using the same Yahoo search for Macintosh products, fewer than two hundred and fifty software products came up. Many Macintosh users switched to Windows because of games. Almost all popular computer games today are written for Windows. Macintosh software is difficult to come by due to the popularity and distribution of Windows.

Hardware that is Windows compatible is exceptionally effortless to acquire. When Windows 95 came out there was a file on it called the HCL, hardware compatibility list. The list contained names of hardware manufactures that are compatible with Windows. Now that list has a different use, instead of stating whether the hardware device is Windows compatible or not, it tells you which version of Windows it works with. Because of the flexibility of Windows the prices of hardware are very inexpensive compared to Macintosh approved hardware.

Like software, Macintosh has a rigid embrace on the hardware that it is compatible with. If the hardware isn’t Macintosh approved it will not be able to work with a Macintosh operating system, unlike Windows where the hardware does not have to be approved by Microsoft. In other words it is impracticable to attempt to put the Macintosh operating system on any computer but a Macintosh. One plus to this is that there are fewer Plug in Play bugs to worry about which means less configuration problems.

Many people prefer Windows over Macintosh because of the accessibility and compatibility of Windows and the abundant supply of software and hardware manufactures. When one is to walk into a computer store they will see rows upon rows of computers, software, and hardware loaded with or made for Microsoft Windows. On the other hand they will be lucky if they see maybe one or two rows of Macintosh products. Although Macintosh has a handful of loyal followers, Windows has become a household name.

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