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Qualitative research is the methodology used in various disciplines aimed at the collection of the valid facts and learn about the cause and details of the chosen problem.

Every discipline has its own number of methods which are used to increase the informative value of the science, raise the number and quality of the materials about the discipline and solve the major questions related with it. There are certain main questions and points which become the basis of the science and the methods illustrate the issues, answer to these questions and make the study sensible. Speaking about the qualitative methods of research one should understand the methods which explain the complicated issues related with the topic trying to answer why and how the problem occurred or how something works. Qualitative methods solve the problem in the appropriate way, because very often the quantitative research is not enough for the reliable and effective solution of the problem.

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The experts have to ‘dig’ deeper in order to find the key to the problem and understand its sense. Qualitative research is closely connected with the empirical thinking, because the scholar thinks about the possible relations of the problem with other problems trying to understand the origin and probable fields of the issue. It is obvious that qualitative research is applied in every discipline and every sphere of human life is under its effect. In fact, the major sciences which use qualitative methods are social studies: sociology and psychology.

The problem of qualitative research is quite interesting and deserves attention. The student who wants to prepare a research paper on this topic is supposed to convince the professor in the relevance and sense of the problem. One is asked to complete an interesting and well-organized research proposal which would reflect the purpose of qualitative research, its pluses and minuses, problems and future perspectives. The student is supposed to think about the methodology of the research of the problem and collect the valid and trustworthy books and periodicals on qualitative research which would be helpful in the process of writing. if the professor sees the work done by the student on qualitative research, he would probably approve the attempt and let the student write his research paper on the chosen topic.

Research proposal writing is quite a challenging process which requires attention and patience. Under the assistance of the Internet the student is able to read a free example research proposal on qualitative research and see the appropriate way of formatting and data analysis. It is reasonable to look through a free sample research proposal on qualitative research in order to recognize the right manner of writing and persuasive style of data presentation.

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