Research Proposal on Self-Help Group

A self-help group is a financial intermediary which consists of no more than ten or twenty members who come from the same village and work there. The main idea of self-help groups is to provide poor people with opportunity to earn money with the help of the gathering their efforts. When these ten people save enough money and gather their savings for the common good, they will possess quite a serious sum for lending. The borrower is able to borrow this sum for the smaller percent than he can do it borrowing from a bank, so this form of lending is very popular in the developing countries of Asia, especially India.

The interesting characteristic of the self-help groups is that their members belong to the same gender. Very seldom there are cases when the group includes both men and women, because commonly they embrace only men or women.

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The most obvious advantage of self-help groups is the opportunity to defeat poverty in small settlements. Poor people gather their savings and then share the profit between one another. Moreover, it is the chance to provide women with work, what is very important and troublesome is Asia. Finally, the serious strong side for both the borrowers and lenders is the small percent which has to be returned, because banks make the borrower return money in high percents. The popularity of self-help groups is very high and nowadays these groups represent the capital of the whole villages maintaining the gradual development and enrichment of the small settlements in this way.

Self-help group is the interesting and thought-provoking topic for the research, because the student receives the opportunity to see the creativity of the people who want to earn money being in the unfavourable financial situation. The student can succeed in the process of writing if he generates a few important points for the research and tries to brainstorm the questions which can sound controversial and touch upon the topic in the alternative way. One has to demonstrate his creativity and convince the professor in the usefulness of the selected topic observing it from the appropriate side and applying the right methods and relying on the appropriate sources of information.

The young person can have problems with writing, because a research proposal is supposed to possess the right structure and the appropriate manner of writing, so a free research proposal on self-help group is able to improve student’s knowledge about the correct organization of the text and the persuasive tone of argumentation. A free sample research proposal on self-help group can be quite helpful for the student who has questions about the required structure and format of the assignment.

Custom research proposal on Self-Help Group

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