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Anne Frank Research Paper

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Anne Frank was a teenager in the1940’s who had to go into hiding because she was Jewish. Going into hiding was not easy for Anne. She and her family had to be very careful that they didn’t make any noise or cause any changed in the area in case of being caught. Anne took this in mind and was very brave and courageous. She would also listen to the radio to get information about the war.

Sometimes the radio or newspaper would send messages about the war ending soon. Anne Frank would remember that the war would end on its own and know one would be able to predict it. Anne acted very mature about this situation. Anne was not just brave and mature but she could be disrespectful.

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When she did not get along with someone she would be impudent and rude. Most of the time this would get her in trouble and she would think that that was unfair. Being in hiding caused Anne to mature very quickly. She was surrounded by mostly adults or just people that were older then her. Living with mature adults influenced Anne to act older then her real age. She was in her teens but acted as an adult. During the end of the book, Anne started to go up to the attic and talk to peter. She began to like Peter a lot and started spending many hours of the day with him. They would either talk or observe the moon.

They had a very mature relationship together. Many of the Annexe residents were very inpatient about the war ending, but Anne Frank was not. Anne never got her hopes up on anything. In a way she was a fatalist. She knew that things would happen on there own. Thinking this way let out a more positive atmosphere and made living in the Annexe easier. Anne was a really great person that has made a big impact on the world.

One of the reasons was because she was so mature and acted more as an adult then a teenager. Everyday while living in hiding the Annexe residents, including Anne, would always have a little bit of fear in them about being caught by the Gestapo. They would have to be very careful with every move they made.

If one person was to find out about the family living in the Annexe the more dangerous it would become. Even if one potatoes peel was dropped out of the window the closer it would be until they were found. Anne also knew that if she were caught she would have to be separated from her family and treated very badly. She knew she would be sent to a Concentration Camp and that is was likely that she wouldn’t survive the war.

Even knowing all of this Anne made the best of her life and was very brave. She did many things to keep her mind off these things and stayed as positive as possible. In the Annexe with Anne with many people, like Mrs. Van Daan, that were not brave and made it really hard to live in the Annexe, but Anne didn’t let this bring her down she stayed brave and strong. Anne was known to be a very impudent person. She was known to pick fights, and would get upset very easily. Anne was a very determined person, which could be good and bad. She knew that she adored her father very much and that that would never change.

Anne knew that she didn’t adore her mother. She was determined to keep it this way too. She was stubborn and would never give her mother a chance to do something right or kind to Anne. Everything her mother did would end up being rude. Once when Anne+???????s father was busy and told her mother to go pray with Anne and she agreed. She went up to Anne’s room and asked Anne if she could pray with her, but Anne refused to let her. Anne thought that she was just being truthful, but her mother thought it was bold and disrespectful.

Anne Frank was mostly a nice girl but she could also be very nasty and disrespectful. Anne was a Jewish teenager in hiding just trying to have of normal of a life as she could. She had to go through each day in fear of being caught and taken away from her family. She and everyone else in the Annexe had to be careful. Everyday and night Anne stayed calm and was very brave. Anne was also very patient and mature. She would never get her hopes up and let fate lead the way. She was a teenager, but acted as a mature adult. Anne could also be very disrespectful to people that she disliked. Many people know who

Anne Frank is and think she is a great person. She has changed the world in many ways.

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