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Aromatherapy Research Paper

Aromatherapy Research Paper Sample:

“Health is wealth”, as the saying goes. This statement holds true in most people’s lifestyle nowadays. We know for a fact that for reasons of increasing our life span, people have became health conscious. A person’s wellbeing has been the primary aim and who wouldn’t want a wellbeing of the mind, body and soul? Life is very short and it should be lived with quality. Nobody ever wants to get sick and that is almost impossible to happen. Other than conventional treatments, alternative medicines and techniques have also been introduced in the name of wellbeing. One basic flavor of alternative medicine is herbal healing.

Another is lifestyle approaches such as aromatherapy. Smell can affect mood, which in turn can sometimes affect health too. Aromatherapy relies on the healing power of the concentrated essences of plants even if they are absorbed in the skin rather than sniffed. Certain plants have long been recognized for their beneficial health promoting properties. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, stems and roots of plants and such oils have been employed for therapeutic purposes for many centuries. This is called aromatherapy.

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Aromatherapy is the act of using essential oils from plants to help heal the body, improve moods and generally the quality of life. Historically, aromatherapy can be traced as far back to Ancient Egypt. Ra, the Sun God glowed red in the evening sky. The Egyptian priests burned a heavy mixture of saffron, cassis, spikenard, cinnamon, juniper and other wondrous ingredients to ensure his safe return in the eastern skies the following day. Consequently, the Greeks believed that their gods descended from Mount Olympus on perfumed clouds wearing robes redolent of fragrant essences.

It was right there that the wise Hippocrates advocated the healthy benefits to be gained by adding scented oils to warm bath water. On the other hand, Theophrastus also wisely observed that the oils applied externally affect the body internally. In the mysterious east, wealthy Chinese women were brought to confinement in a special room in which the woods of the artemesia trees were burned. The wafting fumes of which attracted kindred spirits and induced joy into a mother and a newborn child.

Schiller, a famous German playwright, had to inhale the pungent aroma of rotting apples when he needed to find the precise word he was seeking. Despite its long and distinguished history, aromatherapy remained an unspoken word until the fourth decade of our present century. When a French scientist Rene Maurice Gattefose was seeking relief from a burn, he plunged his painful hand into a jar brimful with pure lavender oil. The speed with which his hand healed led him to research the properties of the essential oils and to coin the word aromatherapy. There are various methods of processing these aromatic oils to achieve the best extracts. Distillation demands that the desired part of the plant be introduced to steam or boiling water.

The vapor journeys along a network of glass tube, forming a condenser, from which the oil drops and is siphoned off. The oldest yet costliest method is enfleurage. The flower heads are placed on glass sheets smeared with animal fat or beeswax. Flowers are added layer upon layer until the fat is saturated with essential oils. This mulch is dissolved in alcohol, which causes the fat to drop to the bottom of the container. The fluid is now heated until all the alcohol evaporates and the oil can be poured off. Essential oils of citrus fruits are contained in tiny glands in their skins and can be obtained by crushing them, thus expressing the oil.

Solvent extraction is also a method used in processing aromatic oils. Flower petals are mixed with a solvent in a huge vat and stirred for hours by a mechanical paddle. When the petals have been drained of their oil, the mixture is strained and the Sia 2 residual liquid is boiled to evaporate the solvent. However, traces of the solvent linger in the oils produced by this process and they are referred to as absolute oils rather than essential oils. As these essential oils enter our bodies, various benefits may be attained. A is for the appropriate use and application of these essential oils.

Before we can achieve the healthful benefits of aromatherapy, we should apply these oils properly and carefully. Oils should not be used internally or ingested. They are extremely potent and can be poisonous. Improper use of these essential oils may also cause damage to the body system or even death. For safety purposes, before applying any essential oil, one should always consult a trained aromatherapist. R is for the relaxing, revitalizing and re-energizing effect that aromatherapy can provide us. Once a person has relaxed, the revitalizing and re-energizing process follows.

One way to relax and revitalize our body systems with aromatherapy is reflexology. Reflexology, together with the essential oils, provides stimulation of the blood and nerve flow, and helps relieve tension and congestion throughout the entire system. Aromatherapy is such an excellent stress-buster that it can help counteract anxiety, insomnia, pre-menstrual syndrome and depression. O is for the oils with their essential and distinctive properties, which contribute to the benefits that aromatherapy can give. The existence of such oils dates back to ancient times.

These oils are extracted from the different parts of the plants and flowers. M is for the most blissful experience one can have after an aromatic bath. After bathing in warm, scented waters and breathing deep the aroma of a blend of essential oils, one will surely step out from the shower as a new person. A is for the ailments that can be cured with their corresponding essential oils. Acne can be cured by bergamot, chamomile, juniper, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, Sia 3 rosemary, sandalwood and tea-tree. Anemia sufferers may safely look to black pepper, chamomile, lemon, peppermint, rosemary and thyme to help normalize things.

Asthma has been known to be relieved by benzoin, cajeput, cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, lemon, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary and thyme. T is for the treatments wherein aromatherapy can still be applied. For tissue inhalation, a drop or two of any suitable essential oil dabbed onto a handkerchief or paper tissue can have a calming effect during crises that occur when travelling.

As in foot bathes, stepping the feet in a bowl of hand-hot water to which four to six drops of an appropriate oil have been added wards off chills and brings welcome relief to rheumatism, arthritis, chillblains and athlete’s foot. H is for the healing power aromatherapy can offer. There are still some body disorders that can be cured using these therapeutic oils. Chamomile and peppermint can help to relieve the enervating pain of toothache. Those afflicted by travel sickness should try ginger or peppermint through tissue inhalation for relief. Hypertension can be treated with rosemary and thyme. Indigestion problems that may lead to diarrhea and constipation may be relieved by basil, bergamot, chamomile, peppermint and rosemary. E is for easing the aches and body pains through cold and warm compress.

Body pain can be soothed with an aromatically treated compress. Cold compresses can relieve sprains, bruises and inflammations. On the other hand, even with toothache, burns and muscular pains, one may feel better by applying warm compress with aromatic oils. R is for the refreshing surroundings the blends of essential oils can provide. Since our energy levels directly reflect not only our lifestyles but also where we live, ideally we need an environment that helps maintain and enhance our levels of vitality. The essential oils may be used to clean homes, freshen and scent the environment.

Revitalizing essences can be effective in the work place by helping enhance surroundings and prevent the spread Sia 4 of infection. Essential oils are also alternatives to commercial cleaning products. They help neutralize microbes on external surfaces, as well as those in sinks and drains when dirty water is poured away. Consequently, an environment, free of chemical products, will definitely contribute to the betterment of our health. A is for aphrodisiac effects of aromatherapy.

Aphrodisiacs are the scents that stimulate the human pheromones, or sexual attractants that men and women naturally emit through their glands, such as their armpits and groin. For women, those scents include rose oil, ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin and pimiento. For men, itA?a‚¬a„?s mace, cumin, ambrette, clary, sage and vetivet. Aromatherapists have also long held that essential oils are the answer to most ailments including sexual dysfunctions such as infertility or impotence. The oils, which are extracted from plants, are dropped into perfumes, aftershaves and diffusers or used for massage. P is for the practical and preventive way of keeping oneself healthy.

Being overweight is one health problem, which is quite difficult to deal with. A recent study out of St. George’ Hospital in London found out that vanilla-scented skin patches spurred weight loss by lessening craving for sugary foods. When two hundred overweight volunteers were randomly given either vanilla-scented patch, lemon-scented patch, or no patch, those who wore vanilla patch for four weeks lost both their appetite for sweets and about 2.5 kg. People in the other group lost almost nothing.

These aromatherapy skin patches have contributed to losing weight in a very safe and healthy way. Y is for the youthfulness inside that one may feel as the body is invigorated. When one feels fatigued or uninspired by life, stimulating essential oils can help. A little effort can help busy people attain the energy, vigor and zest for life. Some simple applications of aromatherapy like vaporizing and bathing can be incorporated into the busiest of lifestyles. With a holistic approach, everyone has the ability to slow down the aging process, become Sia 5 fitter, younger and more energetic. It is simply a matter of deciding that you are worth it. By using the essential oils properly, one may get lots of good effects from them.

Aromatherapy oils can be blended to control and rebalance skin problems, ease muscle strain, circulation and respiratory problems and to strengthen the immune system. They also make excellent natural first-aiders. Not only can these oils cure ailments, revitalize the body and relax the mind and body; they can also refresh the surroundings.

Vaporizing certain oils can help maintain concentration and stimulate conversation, energy and creativity. One should never assume that all essential oils are safe just because they are freely available from many sources or because they are natural and they come from plants. Many oils have potentially serious side effects. If not applied properly, they may cause menstrual problems, headache, allergies and liver damage. That’s why one should observe the proper guidelines in using these essential oils. Aromatherapy has surely opened the door to the healing, soothing and sensual qualities of the Plant Kingdom. These extracted essential oils help to rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind. These oils also help to banish sluggishness and fatigue in the stressful world. A person’s well being is truly a primary concern in life.

Day in, day out, there are many tasks to finish, many problems to solve, many challenges to face. There is no turning back to all these stresses in life but with aromatherapy, the uplifting calming properties of essential oils can be used to help relieve the stress of modern living. Aromatherapy can be used to enhance a person’s wellbeing physically, emotionally and spiritually. With the use of these essential oils, whether for vaporizing in the home, inhaling or bathing, or incorporating into a massage, aromatherapy is indeed the best and most natural way to lift energy levels and create a zest for living.

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