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Research Paper on Benefits of Preschool

Preschool education in the United States of America takes place in the special preschool establishments: day nurseries, kindergartens, developing and preparatory preschool centers, which are the public and private establishments for the children of nursery and kindergarten age. The state actively stimulates improvement of teaching efficiency in preschool establishments, rendering to financial help family for the reception of preschool education and preparation to school of the child.

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Due to early development and early involvement of children in the process of leaning and education the general level of school education rises. This confirms a well-known fact: capabilities of child, his chances on the further successful educating at school and higher educational establishment increase, if from early age the kid is accustomed to the regular classes of education and instilled with natural interest in the subject of education. As claim the experts in the field of education in the United States and not only there, the lost opportunities for the child development in babyhood are much more difficult or in general impossible to make up in more mature age.

From five-year of age most little citizens of the USA are brought up in kindergartens, by being in fact “zero” classes of school. In such educational establishments, the children are prepared for the further educating at initial school, gradually passing from active games to studying reading, writing, making numbers, and acquisition of other necessary for educating skills, assisting the best adaptation of first graders. The more than half of all American five-year old children attend preschool departments of public schools. However, some parents trust their kids only to private preschool establishments. Private kindergartens provide a care and educating at high level, as they are very strictly checked by the government agencies.

The developing schools for children from the age of three are also widespread in the USA.

The idea of such nursery school was experimentally worked out by some pedagogical colleges. Schools of the littlest are established by many organizations, including experimental “preschool laboratories” at colleges, busy mainly with research activity in the field of education and preparation of teachers, religious and diaspore communities, associations of parents and other voluntarily associations. These preschool establishments are usually small, perfectly equipped and create safe terms for quality employments, valuable physical, mental and emotional development of its pupils, in parallel teaching them the behavior norms generally accepted in their environment.

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