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Is there a person that hasn’t heard of the Bermuda Triangle before? I’ m sure some of you know that many mysterious disappearances have been occurring within this Bermuda Triangle. But how many of you know the facts or how many even know where it is?

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean near USA. Countless puzzling events have been arising there. What is true? No one knows for sure, but you’ll hear some of the incidents, as well as their ¡§reasonable¡¨ explanations subsequently.

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The most famous incident is the disappearance of Flight 19 in 1945. Five Navy bombers mysteriously vanished while on a training mission. As did equally unfortunate a rescue plane sent to search for them— six aircraft and 27 men, all gone, without a trace.

Another bizarre episode happened to the ship USS Cyclops in 1918. It was long overdue, but no marks of this largest ship in Navy or the 300 people on board were ever found. In 1941, two of its sister ships and their crews both vanished separately in the area.

About 200 incidents have been attributed to the strangeness of the area. A lot of theories have been trying to explain through decades. The most acceptable idea saying that due to the special difference between the magnetic north and the true north, the pilot might be disoriented, and lead the plane further to the ocean.

Also, the Bermuda’s sea abruptly drops from a few hundred feet to several thousand feet deep. The planes and ships that sink to such depths can hardly be seen again.

There’re more: bad weather, accidents, poor navigation… which do you think is right? Well, in my opinion, these scientific glosses cannot account for all the disappearances. Would there be 200 coincidences? Should there be something that science cannot explain? Time warp? Alien abductions?  No one knows.

I hope I’d given rise to your interests about it. For me, the secrets remain unexplained. If you look deeper into it, I’m sure you’re going to be fascinated with it.

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