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Bottled Water research paper:

Bottled water can be mineral or drinking water packaged in bottles. Mineral water is water from an appropriately registered underground source (well), retaining the original composition of the minerals. Any other water that does not meet these requirements called drinking: it comprises, for example, spring water and other water that has been purified, which led to a change of its chemical composition. Water which has been artificially introduced minerals is called mineralized. All the water is also divided into carbonated and non-carbonated, for personal and household use. The latter, usually, is a non-carbonated drinking water in PET bottles (3 or more litters).

Among the various types of packaging on the market of bottled water, the PET bottle is clearly leading. Glass, despite the possibility of multiple use of the container, is losing its way.

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There are two reasons, on the one hand, the PET bottle is much cheaper, but on the other, the price of an empty glass bottle when you return it is less than 10 % of the value of the product that almost does not give any savings to consumers. According to a study, the proportion of water in a glass container over the past year fell from 14.5 to 11%. Accordingly, the proportion of water in plastic bottles increased up to 89%, among which the most popular packing 1.5 liters.

Students, who have chosen the bottled water topic for their research, must mention that among the many problems that humanity is facing today, the most relevant are the social, environmental, food, energy, and water. In this case, the first four mentioned cannot be solved, if there is no acceptable solution of water problems. That is why in many countries around the world, many scientist and government officials indicate as the number one problem of water supply for the growing population.

Society’s need for good drinking water increases in proportion as there is a reduction of available freshwater resources per capita. This trend will continue as long live our civilization. Availability of good quality water is a minimum guarantee human health. Every year the awareness of the need for self- control in food consumption, and especially in the quality of the water consumed is becoming more urgent for the developing countries, while in the countries of Western Europe and the U.S. public attention to the quality of water is growing for decades. The World Health Organization recognizes the problem of providing the population with quality drinking water to the main section of programs to protect human health.

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