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Free Research Paper on Canada

Free research paper sample on Canada:

To be the best at something means to surpass all others in quality or excellence. Certain characteristics or factors are what makes something the best. Canada is a country where there are many opportunities to succeed and lead a great life. Everyone including immigrants are welcome to share in the country’s prosperity and community life. Yes, without a doubt, Canada is the best country because of their many, many attributes.

Canada is well known to have exceptional health care and medicine. There are many hospitals all around the country to help cure the sick. They carry the finest physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff to ensure that patients are treated well, and that they get the best care possible.

Another area that Canada strives to make better each and every day is education and social welfare.

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Canada is a country with high educational achievement. They have the best educated people with the highest literacy rate in the world. Canada offers free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies and makes it mandatory for students to attend school until they are 16-17 years old. Canada is a leader and an example for other countries. To the best of their abilities they try to help people in any way possible. They give aid to developing countries and they set up anti-smoking campaigns so that people can lead and develop healthy lives. Statistics show that Canadians live longer that anyone on the planet with exceptions to people in Japan and Iceland (high life expectancy). After Canada placed first in a global glimpse of human development, it showed that Canada puts its citizens first, above everything else and that Canada tries to improve human nature, relationships and lifestyles. Canada is also a welfare state, meaning that the government takes care of its citizen’s basic social services.

One last important quality Canada acquires is the freedom. Everyone is treated equally despite their race, sex, religion, values, beliefs, customs, traditions, etc. There is social harmony between races and anyone is free to maintain their ethnic and cultural heritage, yet participating freely in Canadian customs and traditions. This country guarantees everyone the rights to equality, mobility freedom of speech, assembly and association. Canada is a model of how people of different national backgrounds and cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity and mutual respect. All Canadians were viewed as honest, friendly and polite as well as being considered a generous, peaceful, and compassionate land.

As a nation, people are united as one. Canada is a strong, fit, and vigorous country. In a place where the choice is ours, and free will lies upon our fingertips, take advantage and prosper. Canada, the true home, one that holds the spirits of the free. Not just a country but a community bound together with the chains of hope and love. When locked, the chains create an armour, an armour of heart, one heart which will not be broken.

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