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Like I previously mentioned my place of employment has a very small staff, including myself there are only two more staff members. I am not including the owners of the practice who are the psychologist and the therapist. Considering the small staff career opportunities are not very common. Once you are the office manager the only step up will be to become a psychologist yourself or a therapist. So as you can see you really have to be very committed to the practice. Since that is my long term goal, to become a therapist, I intend to stay there until I receive my degree. I know that for that I will have to work there for a very long time, but since I am the office manager of the practice there is no other place I would rather work.

I have been working there for a very short time, but I wanted to make that move. I had been working as an ophthalmic technician for over 5 years, and the reason I switched jobs was because of career opportunities. I have always been interested in psychology/therapy. I knew that even if I started as a receptionist I will pick up a lot of terminology, If I really looked I could find a lot of information that will become useful in the future. I was extremely lucky when I got hired for the practice as an office manager, It gave me the confidence and resources that I needed. Fortunately, both the psychologist and the therapist are willing to help me to make my goal a reality. They have offered their help and advice. I feel very lucky to have stumble into the job, but I have always thought that when you really want something you will do anything to obtain it.

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I actually stumble into this job opportunity by making about 20 phone calls. I had looked in the classifieds and saw that at that point no psychologist office was hiring for a job. I took the initiative and called them ALL, yes All, every psychologist, therapist, and psychoanalyst in El Paso. I knew what I wanted, I knew the direction I wanted to go in my career and I was persistent,  in an non-stalker way. I also knew that the way most psychologist practices work is that they do tend to keep a very short staff, sometimes having only one employee, because of confidentiality reasons. So it was not like I would start as a receptionist and work my self up, to what? Advancement is very limited like I mentioned. I do not see this as a downfall since I am very committed to this practice and I do hope to take them up on their offer.

I believe that it is essential to a companies success to provide career opportunities to all employees even the once just starting out, either in the mail room or as a janitor having a vision of climbing the ladder is a good motivator. The human resource department should ensure that all employees know that they have the change to have a career if they stay with that company. It should be their goal to get this across to them. It not only motivates the employer but also the employee. Knowing that you have an opportunity makes you work harder and be loyal. The employer takes advantage of this, since they know that employees will try their best and become more productive to the company if they have a future goal in mind.

In conclusion, I would like to say that even though my place of employment is very limited to career opportunities I feel really lucky to work there. I am obtaining a lot of experience and knowledge by working there and I hope to apply that to future career opportunities. My work and my life needs are very similar I constantly need to organize and prioritize to become and effective employee and housewife and mother. Everything I do at home, I do with my career in mind. Everything I do at work I do with not only my career in mind but also my family in mind. This helps me keep things simply and make them less hectic.

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