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Free Research Paper on Cell Phones while Driving

Family members are extremely important and cell phones are a great way to talk to each other when on the road. These miniature phones can keep us in touch with anybody 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Being connected to everybody and everywhere may or may not always be smart, especially in the car. Cell phones are hazardous to our health and well being, especially while driving. They can be extremely distracting and cause careless and avoidable accidents. Many people have been injured and even killed because of wireless customers and their over-bearing cell phones.

Everywhere you look there is at least one person talking on a cellular device. While driving, if you have ever looked around at different people in different cars, you would have most likely seen someone or another talking and driving at the same time. Some people are usually leaning on the window, some are slouched and leaning to the right, and others are looking down pressing buttons. From my personal experience, in each of these cases, the drivers may be loosing an average of approximately twenty to fifty percent of their concentration from the road to the cell phone. These people are now potentially at more of a risk to be involved in an accident than any others on the road. Even if they are talking to their relatives and “keeping in touch”, it just isn’t worth their lives.

It is extremely nice to chat with the people you love, know, and even do business with while you’re on the run. Everybody is calling everybody and pretty soon all of the airways will be so filled that you won’t even be able to fly a plane. The peace you had while driving to work or to the grocery store is no longer. People are calling you left and right; and frankly, you lose time for yourself mentally and the car is definitely not the place for talking the day away.

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Reckless and careless incidents with cars happen every day. Human talking machines that try to do two things at once, of which they cannot seem to handle, cause many of these accidents. Trying to drive your car with a devotion of only fifty-percent concentration to the road just isn’t going to cut it. Getting emotionally distressed on the phone can also have a definite impact on your driving. If you get angry on the phone, there’s no telling how furious your road rage will get. Looking down, looking for the phone, and looking to see who’s calling are other sacrifices your eyes have to make from watching the road.

Everybody hates the idea of getting a disease or even just the slightest chance of something else, yet we still talk on cell phones. When I previously mentioned that they are dangerous to our health, I wasn’t just talking about getting in car wrecks. As Dr. George Carlo, an epidemiologist, mentioned in the article “Cell Phone Dangers are Real”, found at and published in May of 2001, you can obtain cancerous tumors from the radiation of these portable talking devices. Cancer is produced by the radiation of transmission signals sent to satellites in space and then sent back down to earth to your buddies’ phones and vise versa. Don’t throw your cell phone in the trash just yet because you won’t get cancer from calling your friend Bob, but from talking a serious amount and for an extremely long time, meaning years. On top of that, there is only a handful of people with such cases. Plain and simple, don’t talk if you don’t have to.

These mobile devices can cause a tremendous amount of havoc; but then again, they can be incredibly useful. For example, if your car breaks down or you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, a cell phone is extremely proficient in getting you out of poor situations. Just call and have a toe truck come and pick you up. If you get lost and you don’t know which way to go, you can easily pick up the phone and dial for directions. One incident happened to my friends and I where we were at a theme park and we needed to meet up, so we simply just called each other and asked where the others were.

Some other experiences I’ve had weren’t too pleasant though. I remember when I was driving one time, after recently acquiring my mobile phone, and I was looking down and playing with the phone; when I looked up, I was heading straight for a curb. Luckily, I was able to turn away in time and not hit it, but others aren’t always so lucky. Another time was when I was getting heated over the phone and I almost forgot that I was still driving and started swerving into other lanes on accident, but still didn’t cause any harm. It is only a matter of time until somebody actually hits that curb.

Cell phones are very nice to have in case of emergencies, but sometimes they can start taking control of your mind and gaining a psychological grip on you. You can’t leave the house without it because you will feel like part of you is missing. It will start ringing and making beeps and other noises at you, telling you to use it. People get really attached to these darn plastic-talking devices. If somebody drops their phone on the ground, that person would feel like they had just been hit or had been shot in the foot. These phones are not healthy at all. I believe that companies should start distributing a leash for every phone, so that they can hook you up to it.

As we look at the differences between the positives and the negatives of cell phones and we see the dramatic dangers and impacts that they can have, it would be wise to take another look at our phone usage and maybe minimize it. We need to keep track of when, where, and how we use them and keep control of our sanity while doing so. Don’t take them for granted, because, like everything else you take for granted, it will come back and bite you in the butt. You don’t want to have to be using your cell to get your car out of a ditch, when you know that it was the reason why you arrived there in the first place. Be careful; drive hands-free and safe with your eyes on the road.

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