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The definition of nonverbal communication is the study of communication systems that do not involve words. There are many different types of nonverbal communication. Some examples of nonverbal communication are eye behavior, facial expressions, and object language. In the paper I will focus on the kinesics, and the way body movements are used as a function in our society. In this paper I will use examples from many different situations on the Albion College campus. These examples will help me explain my theory about nonverbal communication and kinesics.
Literature Review

To help me in my research of nonverbal communication and kinesics I used three main books to help discuss the way kinesics are used as a function in our society. One book that I used was Randell P. Harrison’s Handbook of Human Communication. In this book Harrison discuss the way that Kinesics are used as a body code that in some way is similar to language structure. Harrison talks about the way that Birdwhitsell (1970) theatrical approach is used to explain the theory that kinesics are a form of body linguistic. Harrison says “Birdwhitstell’s (1970) collection provides a glimpse of his struggle to extend the linguistic model to body motion…. The kinesics hypotheses suggest that the nonverbal body code is paralleled to the language structure.” (p.98) this book was helpful to my research as to explore the similarities of how many people use kinesics to express language in many ways.

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Another book that added me in my research is Owen Hargie’s A Handbook of Communication Skills. In this book Hargie talks about the way that nonverbal communication is used in physiological approach. This book did not help me tremendously because of the way the studies where used. In one study Horgie talks about manipulation and how many kinesics writers explain ways in which it is used. Horgie says “… one person to deliberately manipulate others has been extensively exploited by writers in the field of Kinesics.” (p.135) Horgie gave me some good ideas on how I can use kinesics on a college campus. Horgie helped me to explain many different types of theories that I will explain later in the paper.
The last book that I used to explain is Nancy Harper’s Human Communication Theory. This book explains theories that help explain nonverbal communication. In one part of the book Harper explains the nature of signs in communication. Harper explains the two different types of signs. Harper says “Augustine divides signs into natural and conventional. Within Conventional signs he includes not only words, but nods.” (p.134) this separation between natural and convention nonverbal communication will help me to asses the way kinesics are used on our campus. One way in which I can use this is to separate nonverbal communication in a conversation and nonverbal communication with no type of language used in this nonverbal communication?
All of these sources will help me to conduct my research on how kinesics is used as a function in our society. Each one of these books has supplied with me theories and facts about nonverbal communication. They helped me tremendously with my study.

I conducted my research of kinesics in many ways. The first way that I conducted my research is I observed the Albion College Kellogg center the way many students interact in nonverbal communication. Many examples that I used where at the eat shop, and how many students will eat together and play pool. I also observed students in their own hallway that have known each other for a certain period of time. I used the method of ethnography to see how these students act in their own environment with out knowing that a study is going on. I collected some data that helped me to explain how with out kinesics their would not be a lot of communication. This data that I collected helped me to explain that kinesics is a big part of our own society. Some examples that I used where the way one person greets another person, and the way someone walks and talks. The students that were used in my data where notified after, and all were surprised that they were being used in research. All agreed for me to use their experience, and that I can explore the way they use kinesics.
Another method that I used to explore kinesics in our society is at home. I conducted a study with my mother to see how she useless nonverbal communication around the house. I also followed my mother to many places to see how she would use nonverbal communication with different people. This data that I gathered was different in which the person that I was collecting data from, new the types of nonverbal communication I was looking for. The information that my mother provided was very helpful.

The data the I used during my research explained how kinetics is essential for communication. When on the Albion College Campus, I went to the Kellogg center and observed many ways that people used kinesics. In one particular example I was watching to people having a conversation about a school related issue. One of the beings said something interesting to the other being. This person shook their hood in disbelief as to show the other person what he or she thought of the statement. This type of kinesics is called a regulator. It is some type of nod of the head or expression of the face. With our this regulator their would have been no observation of the other person. Another example is the way emblems where used to explain the communication. An example of this is a student who was eating at the eat shop and suddenly left. The other person in the conversation pointed at them and laid their wrist both right and left in some explanation of “why”. The other person responded by showing a writing utensil to show that they had some type of work to do. This is a great example of how kinesics is used as a function for our society.
With the general idea of the types of kinesics I came up with a lot of data to help me explain my theory. The data that I collected with my parents also helped to add to my theory. When my father would come home from work he would have some type of facial expression to indicate his happiness for being home. My father would also hug my mother to explain to her that he I happy that he has arrived from home. My mother would also use illustrators to describe something in the house. When my mother went over to her friend’s house I accompanied her. The friend asked my mother how big our cat had gotten, and my mother used an illustrator to help put an image in the women’s mind. She used a hand gesture to indicate the size and shape of the object. Another way my mother would use kinesics is in playing with her hair. My mother would consistently use a pen to play with her hair. This type of kinesics is called an adaptor. This is a great example of how even the smallest things can be used as a function of kinesics. The results of my data helped me to explain he theory that kinesics and nonverbal communication have some kind of function in our society.

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