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My argument will be for the death penalty because it is not actually justice killing a person but if that person goes out and kills another, than he or she should have the death penalty. “The death penalty is our harshest punishment. It is irrevocable: it ends the existence of those punished, instead of temporarily imprisoning them” (p.440). It is the serious and best punishment for murderers, and therefore we should not abolish the death penalty. If we abolish the death penalty, the murder rate will mostly likely increase because the murderer would be like, ah, all I have to do is go to prison for life and try to get parole. This would not be fair to the victim’s family, whose life was erase by a murderer. Death is more fearful than life imprisonment, so murderers who are sentence to death would rather have life imprisonment. What would be the reason for a murderer to be living in this world after taking the life of another person? There should be no light punishment for a murderer because that person should have thought about the consequences before he or she did it. I not saying punish every person that kills another because there are some situations where people are defending themselves as in self-defense.

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I am talking about a person who is trying to take an innocent person’s life just because of hatred or the killer horrified childhood. I know if we abolish or do not abolish the death penalty that we want stop the entire killing in the world today. However, having a death penalty could probably teach a lesson about the unrighteousness of murdering. For example, if we ask about one hundred murderers if they would want life imprisonment or the death penalty. I already know that most likely all of them would choose life imprisonment because the fearless of the death penalty. Life imprisonment just makes the life of a murderer unpleasant but the death penalty threatens to take a person’s life from him or her. Everyone knows that a person, who does evil, needs to be paid back with the suffering because of the harm that person has done to others. Why should we let a murderer sit in prison for life knowing he can kill again in prison? When we can have the murderer sentence to death right away with the death penalty. I know no ones lives forever but a murderer might as well kill his or herself after the killing of their victim because now they have no where to go. Now the murderer is spending the rest of his or her life in prison knowing he or she is going to rot in prison or get the death penalty. This is really a dumb situation for the murderer because there is nowhere in the world to go or do besides going on a killing spree. I do not think a murderer would try to act like everything’s normal, after the murder. As in raising a family or trying to live a peaceful life. This is why the death penalty should not be abolish because after killing someone, the murderer has no life, although he or she has their soul but not a life in the real world no more. So we can actually keep the death penalty, which helps us a people, erase murderers from our world today. With murderers getting the death penalty, I bet the person who thinks about going out and murdering another would actually think about it. I mean if we have more murderers sentence to death instead of life imprisonment, some murderers would have a second thought about murdering another. While we are on the subject of a death penalty, we need to know when to use the death penalty. I mean the society today want to give a murderer the death penalty ten years down the line, which really does not make any sense at all. A murderer needs to be sentence to death, right after he or she been convicted the crime. The way we settle the punishment of a murderer nowadays is stupid. Sentencing a person to death 5 to 10 years later, you might as well, not any have a death penalty because it is not use right away. It should be no reason at all, that a murderer should live his life still breathing day by day, while the victim’s family complaining why isn’t this mass murderer erase from the grounds of the earth. The law around the world today, should be, if a person murderers another not in the means of self-defense, than that person should be sentence to the death penalty right away. We do not even need a trial because we know who did it, so why not just put the person to death. That’s what’s wrong we system today, they make people in the figure there should be no death penalty because of the long period of time it takes for the murderer to get executed by the death penalty. I mean a murderer who could have gotten his or act together in prison over that period of time and now the murderer is getting sentence to death. What we are trying to make murderers change people before they die. This is very stupid by the system in which is in control of the death penalty. I want to know do we have a law that actually lets a murderer know how may hours, days, weeks, months, or years he or she can live before getting the death penalty. On the behalf of the murderer this sounds like a good idea because the person he or she killed could have been alive for those next ten years or so. Unlike the murderer, whose life is still in spare, until giving the death penalty? So again, my argument is really for the death penalty, only if we could execute the murderer early as possible. This problem about the having the death penalty earlier can be a big issue in the word today.

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