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Discrimination – “a positive or negative attitude toward an individual based on his or her membership in a religious, racial, ethnic, political, or other groups”. (Webster’s New Word Dictionary). Discrimination is still among our nation and our world today. Many people would argue this accusation, but the fact is that if discrimination was not still present then why are there laws still banning it? Discrimination can be viewed as favorable or unfavorable, depending if a certain party receives favors or opportunities, or that party is denied these favors or opportunities. Discrimination is not just among races or ethnic groups, it is among different genders, religions, preferences in partners, and different economic qualities. The people of the world today argue about discrimination all the time. Why is it still among us? Why do people still rant and rave about it? What can be done? Why don’t we just let it be? These are the questions that people ask all the time. But, in fact, none of these questions are ever solved because of the beliefs of society. Society has put discrimination into stereotyping and many other different forms, but the point is that discrimination is here to stay and most likely will never leave.

Affirmative Action is used for a diversity in the workplace or university so that discrimination can not be apart of the work environment. But, this is not the case. If discrimination was not among us than why is Affirmative Action still in play. Affirmative Action’s whole use was to get rid of discrimination but, owners of companies or schools still can find a way around the system.

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This is a big factor in universities today. The University of Michigan under went investigation due to the fact that they were taking less qualified students over more qualified students. But, this case was different than others. Instead of the African Americans not getting selected the white students were not getting selected. This caused a whole controversy, based on if Affirmative Action was still needed. Some people say yes it is needed and that the University of Michigan was only doing the right thing by helping out less fortunate kids. But others say no, due to the fact that if a kid is less fortunate, than that kid should work harder to get into a school of his or her choice. However, Affirmative Action is not only a controversy in the Universities but also in the workplace. In the workplace there is a great deal of evidence that shows racial and gender discrimination still are apart of the American workplace. Studies have shown that when hiring people that a black man vs. a white man or a white woman vs. a white man, that the white man will get the job 45% of the time (Donald Tamaskovic-Devy). Studies have also shown that if a white woman were to go head to head with a white male in sales that the white man would sell more than the female. Does this mean that the white man is a better sales rep than the white female? No it does not, it just means that a business man feels more comfortable buying from a white male than a white female. In Sociologist Donald Tamaskovic-Devy study of workplaces he found that 70% of the workplaces in North Carolina had coworkers of the same gender, and 56% of these workplaces had the same race. This statistic means hat Affirmative Action is not doing its job. Do we still need Affirmative Action? Based on what is happing in the world today Affirmative Action needs to be more aggressive and punish the companies that are being very discriminate.

Racial Discrimination is probably the worst discrimination that this world has ever seen. Back in the 1960s when the riots took place to today when it is hard for some kids to fit in at school, racial discrimination is the most hurtful discrimination in effect. It is easy to see what racial discrimination is, just go to downtown Chicago and see how the people in the projects will act towards you if you are white. But racial discrimination is not just among the whites and blacks, it is among all of the races. Whether that be between the Hispanics, Hindus, Indians, or French, it is among us all. Racial discrimination has been around us for a very long time and at times it looks like it will never leave. Racial discrimination has brought out groups such as the KKK, Black panthers, Tailban, etc. that commit acts that are unhuman. This people give this world today a bad name. However, racial discrimination is not just among these groups it is among us at college. Here at college there is a lot of racial discrimination going on. Sometimes it is hard to see but it is here. A personal story that has happened to me is when I wet down to Mississippi Valley State to attend college. Mississippi Valley State University is located in Itta Bena, MS, two hours south of Jackson, MS. MVSU is an predominately black school, with the occasional foreign exchange student or white student. The reason why I went to MVSU is because I had received a full ride scholarship to run track and play football. When I took my visit everything seemed to be okay, and I was looking forward for the fall semester. The time finally came for me to go to college and when I arrived I was very excited. But when I met some of the kids that went there I knew that this was going to be interesting. Everything was going okay until I wanted to go and get my music out of my car. When I was walking down to my car four African Americans started to harass me about being white, and a few words were said that probably shouldn’t have been said but, this went on for about two weeks. The situation only seemed to worsen because I was scared and didn’t know what to do so, I called my dad and he told me to talk to the campus police which, didn’t do me any good. By the time talking to the campus police I decided to transfer to St. Norbert where I was supposed to come if I didn’t get the scholarship. As you can see I was harassed because I was white and at time it looked like I was going to get beat up but, luckily I never did get beat up or hurt but, millions of other people out there are not as lucky as I am. Some of the people that face racial discrimination go through it everyday, sometimes it is light and all that will happen is a few choice words. And the other times the words go into fists, and the fists are thrown, then somebody gets hurt or killed. “Racial discrimination is among us today and it will never leave. Discrimination happens for a reason, it happens because somebody is afraid of what a person might accomplish, or what that person might do, but most of the people are just plain afraid of that person’s success ( Darren Higgs)”. Dominos delivery would not even send their delivery boys into the bad parts of Washington D.C. because they were scared to venture into a place that was unknown to them. The drivers were too afraid to go into that neighborhood, and Dominos got sued for being racists(Time Magazine). Racial discrimination is one of the worst kinds of discrimination, but if people look at the color of a human beings skin, instead of the person that they really are, than we are all in for a long, long period of hatred.

Another part of discrimination that has been around for along time and is still around is sexual discrimination. Sexual discrimination is if one is refused employment, or any other work, on the ground that the job traditionally is regarded as being ‘a man’s job’ or as being ‘a woman’s job’ ( Bakesha -v- Suy 1977). A lot of workers today still have a prejudice against a man, or a woman working for them, because they fell that that person cannot get the job done as good as the other person. However, other companies do not mean to discriminate it is just that the other sex, whether that be male or female, is better qualified for the job. This brings up the directness or indirectness of sexual discrimination. Indirect sexual discrimination would be a requirement which would require a justification that can or cannot be met by one sex ( What this means is that if a job opening came about, the person that was hiring put a certain qualification on the job. An example of this would be if a employer required a age of 28 to get the job. But this is unlawful and discriminatory. This is what happened to a person in England and she took her case to court. The case was Price -v- Civil Service Commission in 1978. This kind of discrimination is against European law’s and the court found the employer guilty of sexual discrimination. On the other hand there is direct discrimination. Direct discrimination is when a company knowingly discriminates against a person due to their gender not their qualities. This causes many problems and is strictly enforced around the country. Sexual discrimination is unlawful, and it shows people how chauvinistic we as people really are. If we want to be a great country than we need to group together one by one.

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