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During the 19th and 20th century, the introduction of Electricity became to be the primary source of energy for individuals in communities. The technical aspect of electricity was one of a power station that would produce an amount of electricity, dependent on its size, powered by a coal-fired steam boiler driving a dynamo that generated direct current. The electricity produced by the plant was then distributed to the individual citizens via power lines. The electricity could be used on demand by the citizens for lighting and appliances, and the community as a whole for street lighting and electric light rail.

The organizational aspect of electricity can be examined as a source of energy that was originally produced and distributed by individual proprietors. However, as demand grew, and unforeseen events including fires that burnt generating plants to the ground, the individual power plants would be bought out and become part of a pyramid of holding companies, eventually spawning into a national grid. It is important to keep in mind that as the use of electricity grew throughout the communities, so did their dependence on it. The electricity was not only used by the citizens, but by businesses such as department stores, and transportation services like light rail. The light rail service, powered by electricity, was used to connect communities to one another.

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The cultural aspectof electricity was one that opened a new world to the people, as never before had there been light without flame. With electricity as a new source of energy, it could be used to power various on-demand household appliances. In the early years of electricity, there were smokestacks that were products of the generating plants, and were at first passed off as monuments to progress, however as demand increased, the generating plants themselves would be moved to the outskirts of town due to the coal smoke produced. An unintended, cultural aspect that formed itself was the development of amusement park, typically located and the ends of the electric light rail lines that existed between small communities. Created to supplement the decline of electricity use at nighttime, they were a source of income for the producers of the electricity. They also acted as a cultural influence, which spurred the progression of the use of electricity.

Although separated in hundreds of years, the aspects of production and use of energy in the Middle Ages and the 19th and 20th centuries were technically far apart, however organizationally and culturally had many similarities. Organizationally, there is an ever-growing dependency on the energy, with a close relationship on standardization. Culturally, the community versus independent use of energy was different, while the mills and the amusement parks drew the people of the communities together, and overall the use of the energy brought the communities together and improved growth.

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