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Example research paper on Fast Food

Example research paper on Fast Food:

With the crazy and fast paced world spinning around us, fast food restaurants have become more and more popular for people on the run. In our hurried state of mind, many different questions must quickly go into the thought process when deciding where to dine, such as: price, quality, drink selections, choice in food, indoor or outdoor dining preference, and the amount of time until served. Wendy’s and Sonic have been two of the most well known and well visited of the fast food world. Though the two eateries are alike in many ways, they each have their own unique attributes and offerings to consider.

Money is usually a big decision making factor when deciding where to eat. Wendy’s is very popular with many different groups of people, especially with the high school kids, and for good reason. If money is an issue and there is not much of it, be sure that at Wendy’s with a five dollar bill, or even $3.24, eating a feast fit for a king is possible. Wendy’s has a way of helping stretch money as thin as it can probably go. Sonic, however, is a little pricier. If the desire is to eat like a king, about $6.00 will need to be present, and that’s just eating like a prince. If money considerations are a big part of the decision, Wendy’s is the better choice.

Quality and price go hand in hand at most dining places. The quality of the food can sometimes justify spending more money if necessary. Of course if just a quick “pick me up” is needed, quality may not be a big factor. Wendy’s food quality is average.

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Their bacon may not always be completely cooked, and their lettuce could be a little watery, like it’s just been in the sink, and their fries could sometimes use a little help. But the all-white-meat chicken nuggets and now, new chicken strips, are good quality; tasty and healthy (comparatively speaking). Sonic on the other hand guarantees quality food standards. Sonic has rarely collected complaints on their food quality. The tater tots are routinely fried to perfection, while the meat is never lacking in taste, and the ‘breakfast all day’ is an all day good choice. Focusing only on the issue of quality, forgetting money comparisons, Sonic has better quality food.

To go along with any meal, a drink must be included to satisfy the busy person on the go. Drink choices can play an important role in deciding where to eat. Wendy’s is like any other fast food place. There is the usual: Dr Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, and some odd fruit drink that is not really healthy but gives that impression because it says “made with real fruit”. The normal sizes are always present: small, medium, large, and extra large. Sonic, however, is overflowing with drinks. There, any drink can be added with cherry, vanilla, strawberry, and almost any other type of special flavoring. Cherry limeades and limeades are unique to Sonic and a well-known tradition. Also the drink sizes are wonderful, if the thirst is there, as demonstrated with the ‘Route 44.’ In the rushed decision of where to dine, and drinks were what made a place superior, Sonic is the best there is out there.

If the selection of food is a factor, consider the different types of food available at Wendy’s and Sonic. Wendy’s has the basics: hamburgers, chicken sandwiches. Cheeseburgers, French fries, and chicken nuggets. Although, now, Wendy’s has made a smart addition to the “food team”; now available are chicken strips, salads varying in flavors, and baked potatoes. It is a wise decision to add more creative food, and different types of food to the menu, it interests people. Sonic, offers different types of food, such as: Tater tots, French fries, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, breakfast burritos, toasters (breakfast and regular), and chili-cheese is added on anything that it can be added on, and sometimes on things it shouldn’t. Regardless of the choice, it’s a sure thing that variety is always changing and different at Sonic and Wendy’s.

Indoor, outdoor, and in car dining are a few choices that help narrow down the “where to eat?” question. Wendy’s has indoor dining and a drive thru. Drive thrus are convenient and certainly a pleasing option for the hurried and hungry person on the run. There is always an uncertainty of if the order is right, but at least there was no need to go inside the restaurant. Sonic, has a “drive up” and outdoor dining. Now in the rain, the outdoor dining can be very unpleasant. The “drive up” usually works pretty well, but there is a long wait for condiments. Waiting for that girl on roller-skates to bring out some mustard can take a life time. Drive thru’s and “drive ups” are much the same, there is always food being served to you upon ordering and paying.

How long is too long to wait for food? Wendy’s is fast. Before the money can be counted out, the food is ready and out the window waiting to be handed to the hungry patron. They want people in and out of there to keep more and more customers coming through. It works. There have been times when I literally have 5 minutes to eat and so, the drive thru for Wendy’s wins. Sonic, unfortunately, is a wait. Whether dining outside or “drive up” there is always about a 10-15 minute wait. There seems to be no hurry with the “chefs” at the Sonic to get the food to the customer as quickly and accurately as possible. When there is little time, Wendy’s beats Sonic hands-down.

When it comes down to making a choice between the two places, Wendy’s or Sonic, the factors of: price, quality, drink selections, choice in food, indoor or outdoor dining preference, and the amount of time until served, are given thought in this ultimate question of “where to eat?”. These two fast food eateries differ in a variety of ways, but each has their own strengths and allure. The bottom line when it comes to decision time, is really a choice dramatically influenced by daily circumstances of the hurried life. In a split second the answer must be made: “What do I feel like eating today?”

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