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A learning disabilities are not noticeable like paralysis or blindness, (LD) is a hidden handicap. A learning disability doesn’t leave any signs behind like a disfiguration, so people do not understand or offer their support. The different types of learning disabilities can be divided in to three large categories, Development speech and language disorders, academic skills disorders and attention disorders.

Developmental speech and language disorders are of speech and language problems, most often the earliest signs are of a learning disability. Those with this handicap have a tough time producing speech sounds, using speech language to communicate and understand what others are trying to get across (“People with developmental speech and language disorders have difficulty producing speech sounds, using spoken language to communicate, or understanding what other people say”) Depending on the difficulty a person might be having, their diagnosis may be one of the following developmental articulation disorder, developmental expressive language disorder and developmental receptive language disorder. When children have developmental articulation disorder they may have trouble controlling the pace in which they speck. Also they tend to stay behind their classmates in learning to make speech(Wallace at age 6 still said “wabbit instead of “rabbit” and “thwim” for “swim”) This disorder is found in at lest 10 percent of children under the age of 8. But good news articulation disorder can be out grown or it can be departed with speech therapy.

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Children who have developmental expressive language disorder have difficulties expressing themselves in their dialogue for example a child might call objects by their incorrect names (“Susan, who often calls objects by the wrong names, has an expressive language disorder”) This disorder can take other forms like if a child only specks in two word sentences, also if they seem to have trouble answering simple questions. Some people have problems with different areas of speech, further more this disorder is called developmental receptive language disorder. This disorder can make someone seem slow because they can’t understand or do a simple task (“There’s the toddler who doesn’t respond to his name, a preschooler who hands you a bell when you ask him for a ball, or the worker who consistently can’t fallow simple directions”)

Individuals who suffer with academic skills disorder are often students. They are years behind in their development of understanding reading, writing and arithmetic skills. The anguish student can be diagnosed with developmental reading disorder, developmental writing disorder or developmental arithmetic disorder. Starting with developmental reading disorder, this is also known as dyslexia. Surprising 2 out of 8 percent of elementary school children are affected by this disorder. Remember to read you must focus your attention on the printed words and control eye movements across the page, recognized the sounds of letters, understand words and grammar, create ideas and images, evaluate new ideas to what you already recognize and store ideas in memory. All of that requires an interactive network of brain cells which are in charge of vision, language and memory. Scientists have found that people with dyslexia have problems differencing the sounds in verbal sounds (“However scientists found that a significant number of people with dyslexia share an inability to distinguish or separate the sounds in spoken words”) Though if the brain is incapable to shape images when reading or to relate new thoughts to those stored in memory, the reader will not recognize and even keep in mind the new concepts.

An attention disorder affects 20 percent of school children. This disorder enables them to focus their attention. This disorder makes people daydream, and when you do get their attention they often are distracted easily (“Children like Susan may have a number of learning difficulties. If, like Susan, they are quiet and don’t cause problems, there problems may go unnoticed”) Boys are more affected by this disorder. This problem can be escorted by hyperactivity (“Dennis is an example of a person with deficit hyperactivity disorder ‘ADHD’. They act impulsively, running into traffic of toppling desks”) This disorder can go with them in to their adulthood, this can make them restless and in their work seem not to follow directions, finish work and not well organized.

Scientists believe that learning disabilities can be causesd by the in take of drugs by an expecting mother. The fetus brain my not form properly. Also an error during a woman’s pregnancy, this is that the neurons may be changed or how they interconnect. LD can also be genetic. If someone in your family has or had a learning disability (it can be your mother/father) you might have been born with it. Learning Disabilities can be life-long conditions that, in some cases affect many parts of a person’s everyday routines like school, work, family life and sometimes with there friendships and play. Sometimes if the person is fortunate a signal learning problem has little impact on other areas of their lives. Learning disabilities can not be diagnosed like some other illnesses which have predictable symptoms. LD can show up in so many forms, it’s difficult to diagnose and pinpoint the causes. Therefore no such pill exists nor remedy that will eliminate the problem.

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