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Research Paper on Fuel Efficient Cars

U.S. study found that today buyers want fuel efficient cars and not expensive high-quality ones.

Today buyers are choosing from a wider range of options than ever before. This conclusion was made ??by the representatives according to study in the U.S. conducted by JD Power and Associates.

College students preparing their research paper on fuel efficient cars should know that last year, U.S. buyers chose an average of 3.3 cars. For comparison, in 2011 the figure was 3.1 car, and in 2010 – 2.9 car. The study showed that 5% of Americans annually become owners of a new car. Fuel efficiency is today one of the most powerful factors in choosing a car in the United States. 15% of buyers choose the vehicle by the parameter “miles per gallon.” This is a record share of the U.S. market, where traditionally the fuel consumption did not matter.

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In 2009, for 21% of U.S. car buyers “from scratch” quality was the most important. In 2011, the figure decreased to 19%. Now only 17% of Americans put quality above other options. “Thus, automakers do not have to worry about improving the quality of their machines. It’s not a priority,” – said the head of JD Power John Osborne.

Among other interesting facts can be noted that the Americans are more interested in good looking exterior than the interior of a car. Thus, 33% of customers excluded from the list of possible purchases cars that they do not like externally.

From the standpoint of fuel economy, according to a study of Forbes most economical car produced commercially is Toyota Prius. On average, the owner of an expensive hybrid (price 22 800 U.S. dollars) spends 596 dollars to 24 thousand kilometers, that is, on average per year. An owner of an economical, but a non-hybrid car of approximately the same generic for seroquel drug class Toyota Corolla (price 15,450 U.S. dollars) spends 965 dollars to cover the same distance. Using simple calculations, you can determine that the fuel economy compensates overpayment for “hybridity” in 20 years, with the proviso that the car will maintain its custom specifications. In fact, the situation is much more complicated, which explains the continued leadership of ordinary petrol and diesel cars on the roads of the world.

Incarnation of the idea of ??”most-most” economical cars has become a model Volkswagen 1-Liter Car. This twin diesel car was born as a concept car in 2002, has since changed several engines and design, and now almost approaches assembly line. 1-Liter Car is realization of the idea of ??fuel efficiency, which modern human civilization is capable of. Originally, the engine of 8.4 hp was only 299 cubic centimeters. For the sake of streamlining the passenger is seated behind the driver, there are no rear-view mirrors – they were replaced by video cameras; even the bottom of the car was made smooth to reduce air resistance. To lighten the vehicle, carbon and aluminum were actively used: the engineers were able to make the car with just 290 kg of empty weight. Its name it received for its ability to consume only 1 liter of fuel per 100 kilometers.

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