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There is a lot of talk about the great Shakespearean plays, but not many people know of where they were actually performed in his time. Where were they performed? Most of his plays were shown at the Globe Theatre. However, the construction of this theater was not without great toil. In fact, the original theater is no longer standing.

Was the Globe Theatre fancy, or was it simple? In 1596, an old friary was converted into a theater. The people around there weren’t very open minded and they soon began to complain, calling the theater a public disturbance. To quote the Privy Council, “Lurid tales [have] circulated among the godly about the sex and violence, the swearing and blasphemy to be seen in plays: ‘such wanton gestures, such bawdy speeches; such laughing and fleering; such kissing and bussing; such clipping and culling; such winking and casting of wanton eyes’ . . . [It’s] indecent . . representing immoral or irreligious conduct, teaching by bad example.” The theater was unfortunately shut down.

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After the theater was shut down, the owners stole it from the spiteful landlord and hauled it across the frozen river. They built a new theater out of the old materials, and had a permanent place to perform their plays. They decided to call it “The Globe”. This theater wasn’t very high class, in fact it was mostly a simple circle that was about 100 feet in diameter. However, it became famous for the plays that were performed there.

Today, the original Globe Theatre is no longer standing. However, a modern reconstruction has been built in the same area. When people first got the idea to build a new Globe Theatre, they didn’t know what the dimensions of the old one were. Through archeological evidence and a picture of London showing the old Globe, architects were able to construct a new theater. Although the construction of this new theater was modern, they used the same materials as in the Renaissance period to give it more authenticity.

Shakespearean plays are some of the greatest plays ever. The Globe Theatre wasn’t the grandest theater ever; but it is perhaps not the theater that makes it great, but the plays that were performed inside of it. Whichever it may be, it’s still exciting to experience Will’s plays like they did in the Renaissance days.

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