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Free Research Paper on Inflation

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The causes of inflation are intertwined, entangled, complex and complicated to take apart. The two principle causes of inflation are demand-pull and cost-push. Both these theories of inflation are connected to one essential aspect – the impracticable expectations of people and their challenges to get more out of the economy than the economy can manufacture. Inflation is an increase in the general level of the prices of goods and services. Inflation is the overall general upward price movement of goods and services in an economy, usually measured by the Consumer Price Index. During periods of inflation, salaries and incomes tend to rise speedily.
When investigating the causes of inflation, it is useful to look at the fundamental notions and thoughts of the demand side and supply side of markets. Demand-pull inflation is when aggregate demand goes beyond the economy’s capability to create goods and services, causing prices to be pulled up by anxiety from the demand side of the economy. Cost-push inflation is when the consequence of the economic power of a number of large employers and influential labor unions, can be used to push up incomes and prices.

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Who pays? – Costs of Inflation
Inflation will not only influence individuals, but will also cause troubles for the whole economy.
Income redistribution – many people have to live off fixed incomes, predominantly those on pensions. The higher the level of inflation the less their income will be worth. This result can also happen among people who are working, as their incomes go up either quicker or slower than inflation. These effects can randomly redistribute income.
Menu costs – this is a general term for all the problematic costs that businesses and individuals face. As costs increase they have to redo their price lists, change price labels, reprint menus and so on. If inflation is constant these costs can build up.
Competitiveness – if our prices are escalating faster than those in other countries, then our goods will be less competitive and less in demand.

Why the concern about Inflation?
Inflation inflicts suffering on the economically frail. It can be said that inflation falls hardest on persons who are least able to defend themselves, the economically weaker crowds in civilization. The people most strictly affected by inflation are individuals on fixed income. As the purchasing power of the set income falls due to inflation, their typical way of living is driven progressively downwards. The largest and most critically affected such group is pensioners, whose pension is fixed for the remainder of their lives.

History contains many examples of outbreaks of inflation. Recently, conversely, it has become evident that very quick inflation can in point of fact contribute to high employment, by disappointing capital investments spending by industries.

Inflation is a complex economic process in which various causes are often intertwined and difficult to disentangle. As a result of all this, there is significant misinterpretations involving the public as to the explanations of inflation, with dependability being attached to a mixture of big businesses, high interest rates, labor unions, low interest rates, governments, and people’s greed, to list a small number of issues. Nevertheless, such efforts to allocate responsibility for inflation tend to puzzle rather than simplify matters. We should look to economic ground rules, rather than the bad side.

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