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The author John Steinbeck was a man, who portrayed a nation during its worst period if time telling about the struggles of its people in Of Mice and Men, and in the novel The Pearl. Both stories were brilliantly written with the unique trademark of John Steinbeck. In the novel Of Mice and Men, the characters Lennie and George are two intellectuals of very different intelligence levels; who stumble upon a job at a ranch that got ruined by Lennie’s innocence. The novel The Pearl is folklore of how much a man’s life could be consumed by a beautiful stone that’ll cause so much hatred and sorrow within him. John Steinbeck has designed his own writing style based thru his detailed descriptions, and brilliant technique of foreshadowing, symbolism, and as well figurative language, all in which that makes him a great writer.

The striking ability of John Steinbeck’s foreshadowing in his books is remarkable. “`A mouse? A live mouse?’ `Uh-uh jus’ a dead mouse, George. I didn’ kill it honest I found it dead.’ ” The killing of the mouse is the first example of foreshadowing in the story that foretells the tragedy at the end of the book. Eventually the object being killed grows from a small fragile mouse to a helpless woman (Steinbeck 1, pg.49). When Coyotito gets stung by the scorpion it gets the story going as well as foreshadows that Coyotito is going to die (Steinbeck 2). “Jus’ wanted to touch the dress, Gorge” This phrase repeated it self four times. This clued us in to the part where he killed Curley’s wife (Steinbeck 1). The indirect suggestion of each of his books by the end makes one realize it all ties up together.

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One of the greatest objects in the novels of John Steinbeck is symbolism; significance of objects, events or relationships that make a story a whole and by the end you realize it was all meant to happen. The outfit Kino to wears was white and as Kino was going to fight he took off his clothes. The color white represents the pureness and innocence of Kino; when he took it off he was stripped the last of his innocence. The pearl had taken the rest of it (Steinbeck 2). “George unslug his bundle and dropped it gently on the bank `I aint sure its good water’ he said `Look kinda scummy’… …Lennie dabbed his paw in the water… he admitted it doesn’t seem to be running.” The water not running and being “bad” was after Lennie touched it and polluted it. Also the river stopping symbolized how eventually his life was going to stop in this journey. Steinbeck used many symbols that can be taken as just simplistic and normal, however it has a deeper levels of symbolism.

The usage of figurative language in the story made the stories more attractive and alive. One of the most graphic parts in Of Mice and Men is when Lennie breaks Curley’s wife’s neck imagines her squirming, and fighting like there was no more air. “…the body flopped like a fish…” In a way that was her way of battling for her life but she couldn’t the power to Lennie was too overwhelming (Steinbeck 1, pg. 91). “… slowly like a terrier…” There are many comparisons to animals linked to Lennie however the terrier describes him. He acts like an incompetent object, however when he gets scared he starts to attack and protect him self like his animal instincts tell him to (Steinbeck 1, pg 9) “Lennie…creeping with bear like moves…” This physical description of is beast like figure, big and fearful look yet at the same time so clumsy (Steinbeck 1)The usage of figurative language in a novel makes us go beyond human characteristic and make us go to our primitive side.

Through out both of his books John Steinbeck has shown a book pure genius; from the way he introduced the story to the closing of it. Foreshadowing has an exquisite use in the many novels of Mr. Steinbeck, by the end off the book you know it all goes together. The massive use of symbolism is extremely visible through both his books. It is always more exiting having figurative language in the book with the intellectual and physical descriptions, rather then having just monotonous inferences about someone. John Steinbeck showed a uniquely exquisite style of writing through the use of foreshadowing, symbolism, and as well figurative language.

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