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Free research paper sample on Natural selection:

Natural selection is a simple process to understand. First, in a certain area there has to be an overproduction of offspring (too many of a certain animal is born). There is a limited amount of resources, so naturally not all of the animals will be able to survive. As a result there is competition among the animals for them to survive. The certain animals are all the same species, but there is variability among their characteristics. The animals with the beneficial characteristics will survive and produce more offspring, with their similar characteristics.
Biogeography states that species who live closer to each other have more similarity than those who live further apart. This supports the theory by examining closer, how each living creature is different and how they came to be that way.
Fossil records of certain animals help decipher the everyday animals to their ancestors. This helps the theory by locating were certain creatures were and how they evolved over time. The eldest creatures are also easy to see from these fossils.

Comparative anatomy looks at structures of different species. Homologous structures happens when structures have a different function but they show a similar internal structure. Vestigial organs show no functions in one species but are similar to functions in another. The comparative anatomy supports the theory by describing similarities in species.

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Comparative embryology are closely related organisms that go through similar stages of embryonic development. The organisms may be totally different but when they are developing, the characteristics are similar. The theory is supported by this in the sense that organisms start to develop similarly, but then changed.

Molecular biology is how organisms heredity is reflected upon it’s genes. Siblings have a greater similarity when it comes to the DNA make-up than unrelated organisms of the same species. This also supports the theory because it explains more about natural selection and why certain organisms live and reproduce, but others do not.

Lions live in the grasslands of Africa. The color of their coats, their fast speed, and their gracefulness make them well-suited for their environment. Droughts may come to the grassland areas and could greatly affect the lion population. Due to the droughts, the lions might be able to conserve water much easier. Instead of having big heavy coats which dehydrates them, their skin could change which makes water stay in their body much longer. This would help them to survive during the droughts.

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