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Free Research Paper on Pesticides

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Since the beginning of time agriculture has been a major part of our world, it has been the maintenance for millions of people. Pests have always been a great problem for this, because they destoy large quantities of crops. So as a solution for this problem pesticides were born, but they also brought immeasurable consequences for the environment and people’s health.

Pesticides were born as a result of the lost of thousands of crops each year to hands of insects, weeds and fungus. Farmers need pesticides to help them control these pests so that the quantity of food people consume can be produced. Without pesticides agriculture could not prosper and farmers would lose millions of dollars.

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There are also some negative consequences brought by the use of pesticides. First not only insects, weeds or fungus that damage crops are killed in the process, a great number of harmless plants and animals are also killed while using pesticides. Also human beings that eat crops exposed to pesticides face the possibility of getting health problems such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a long period of time. Last but not least, weeds and insects can become inmune to pesticides so farmers have to use a stronger pesticide each time, which increases the damage of pesticides on people’s health.

In conclusion, pesticides do as much harm as good, so we need to find alternative solutions for the control of pests, such as orgnic growth of crops or the production of pesticides with less consequences for human health and the environment. Also countries should have a stonger regulation for the use of pesticides, so that they control the consequences for human health, and the environment of pesticides and the quantity of pesticide use in each crop.

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