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Quality education is an effective way to transfer the most valuable and relevant experience of the previous generations, so that students were able to master it with maximum efficiency.

Modernization of modern education is not possible without clear answers to key questions of its construction: for what (goals and values), what (content) and how (technology) to teach students.

Every branch of science has its own specific strategies of learning and descriptions of the world, due to which people are able to predict many phenomena, processes and events taking place in objective reality. These strategies are expressed in a specific language of each science, in the specific features of its construction, in the complex of basic concepts, experience, organization of research activities and scientific traditions.

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Therefore, a learning strategy must become a leading component of the education and at the same time the main criterion for its selection. The content of education should not be a simplified set of facts, rules, laws, or the laws of certain private sections of a specific science, arranged in accordance with the education program. It is known that the chemist, physicist, mathematician, writer, musician, artist, hen performing their research activities, each uses his own learning strategy and therefore differs substantially from one another in world perception, ways of thinking and expression, individual behavioral manifestations, etc.

School education should be primarily directed at a students understanding of such differences in learning strategies and assimilation of each learning strategy basic laws and regularities, specific to a certain area of ??knowledge. It is important that the student has a true opportunity to understand these different learning strategies accumulated by humanity, actually acting as a professional historian, mathematician, biologist, poet, etc.

An important complicating factor in the selection of educational content, as it may sound paradoxical, is an ever-accelerating science progress: the amount of data in some areas of knowledge is doubling every year, and it is extremely difficult to keep up with its rapid progress.

It is clear that innovations, which are based on a simple expansion of educational content or changing educational program (concepts, laws, rules, etc.) in different sections of the curriculum, as well as the introduction of countless new training courses, have no future.

It seems more efficient to focus on the comprehension of the fundamental principles of a science and its specific learning strategies. The latter should be a major subject of interdisciplinary research.

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