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Realism includes the concept that man has little control over the outcome of his life, because of the influence of his environment and his heredity. Many writers of the time used this idea, such as Crane, Chopin, Gilman, and Robinson. Their writings illustrate clearly man’s lack of control over his existence.

Stephen Crane shows a realist style of writing in the “Episode of War.” When he describes the Lieutenant being shot, not during a battle, but when he was in camp far away from the front, it’s realistic. In the environment of war, you are not safe, no matter where you are or who you are. It’s not a romantic scene; he’s not shot at while leading his troops in a glorious battle, coming out unscathed. The story continues and gives gritty details with more realistic views. He describes the butcherous doctors of the Civil War, who must amputate since there are too many wounded men and not enough time to do individual surgeries to remove bullets. The Lieutenant was a victim of his environment.

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Kate Chopin shows a realistic style of writing in “Desiree’s Baby.” The story describes the life of Desiree. She was raised by a Southern family, never knowing her own parents. She later marries Armand, and has a baby. The baby is black, but Desiree doesn’t it see it that way, she just sees the baby.  Armand blames Desiree and says it is her fault, since she doesn’t know her real parents. The realism shows since heredity has caused this situation. It also shows realism since the baby was born to an environment that wouldn’t accept a black baby born to white parents. In the end we find out that it was really Armand’s heredity that caused the baby to be black.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman writes in a realistic in “The Yellow Wallpaper.” She has no control over her environment. Her husband, a physician, is very controlling and assumes that she is sick. He forces her to live a certain way and stay home all the time. Gilman’s writing gives a realistic view of why she went crazy. Her environment of being forced to stay in the room with the yellow wallpaper and enduring her husband’s controlling personality, led to the inevitable craziness.

Edward Arlington Robinson was a poet who used a realistic style. His poem, “Richard Cory” describes the life of a rich, well-to-do man. Even though he has what everyone else wants, he’s missing something essential from his environment. The realism becomes apparent at the end when he kills himself. The reader is forced to ask himself, “Why would someone who has everything do this?” We imagine that he must be terribly lonely or missing something so essential from his environment, that he would kill himself to stop the emotional pain.
These four writers: Crane, Chopin, Gilman and Robinson, have written realistically about the concept that man has little control over the outcome of his life. Because of the influence of his environment and his heredity, according to the realistic viewpoint, he does not really control his existence. The way these stories and poem were written, illustrate this concept very well.

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