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Ayurveda as a Complement to Conventional Western Medicine
1. In this paper I am going to reveal my research findings regarding the implementation of Ayurveda as a complementary mean to treating different diseases to the Western medicine. The purpose of my research is to persuade the audience, that ancient medical Indian tradition, and Ayurveda as the science of life in particular, is proved to have the positive impact on the person’s health, even though it is concentrated on the energetic body structure.

I have chosen this research topic as I have always been interested in the Indian historical heritage, yoga practices, breathing practices, as well as I checked on practice their positive influence on my emotional and physical state.

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I am going to write persuasive definition research paper, as I am aiming to describe my findings about the topic from a factual standpoint. I will research for information in various credible sources, but leave it unanalyzed.

My audience is young people of approximately my age and older who are going to connect their lives with medicine.

2. Ayurveda is the ancient traditional system of the medicine that appeared about 6000 years ago. Ayurveda honors the role of intuition in the healing process and tends to view the human organism as a whole. Ayurveda uses spiritual, physical and psychological therapies to facilitate the better life of the patient. Being a holistic and comprehensive paradigm, Ayurveda has much to propose to Western medical practices, and from year to year it is gaining more recognition in Western scientific circles due to increasing number of performed trials.

3. Svoboda, R. (1992). Ayurveda: Life Health and Longevity. London: Arkana.
Robert Svoboda is said to be the American Author and Ayurvedic doctor, who lived in India for almost 10 years since 1973. The author is a practitioner and spiritual seeker of the highest order who dedicated almost all his life to perceiving and teaching Ayurvedic practices and knowledge.
Lad, V. (1985). Ayurveda: The Science of Self-healing. Wisconsin: Lotus Press.

Dr. Vasant Lad is the worldwide famous and recognized expert in Ayurveda. He obtained a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery and a Master of Ayurvedic Science; his practical and academic training contains the allopathic medicine study (Western Medicine). In the United States he is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the Ayurvedic Institute that he founded in 1984.

Matthews, S. (2003). 1 Ayurveda. In An Introduction to Complementary Medicine, Robson, T. (Ed.) (pp. 15-32). Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin.

Shaun Matthews is certified yoga teacher, who lectures at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales, as well as coordinates the faculty of Ayurvedic Studies at Nature Care College in Sydney. He studied medicine in Australia and Ireland and practices from 1992. Matthew also studied in Ayurveda at Gujarat Ayurveda University and Yoga Teacher Training at the Bihar School of Yoga in India. He is in private practice at the Bondi Whole Health Centre in Australia, Sydney.

4. Ayurveda understands the relationship between the microcosm of the human ‘bodymind’ and the macrocosm of the external world through the Law of Like and Unlike. A substance is seen as a carrier of a number of qualities, called gunas. The law looks at the gunas of a thing in order to see how it will influence the microcosm of the human ‘bodymind’. (Matthews, 2003, p. 21)

The understanding of the human nature and human body by Ayurvedic tradition is quite different form that of the Western one.

Ayurveda perceives the relationship between the human body, spirit and external environment through the law of like and unlike. There are gunas, the substance, which are used as indicators of influence on the body and spirit of the human being.

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