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Research Paper on Right to Education

The right of any person to education is one of basic human rights.

The right to education is one of the most significant constitutional social rights, which creates prerequisites for the development of the personality, and whole society. Enshrined in virtually every major law, since the Mexican Constitution in 1917, the content of this right has a tendency to expand. Currently in democracies right to education in the broad sense includes the right to: a free primary or secondary education in state and municipal schools and other educational institutions, the parents priority in choosing the form of the education (religious and secular) for their child, freedom of teaching, and organization of private schools. Many constitutions reinforce right to education by the parents responsibility (or persons in loco parentis) to ensure that their children receive primary (or general basic education).

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While every person has a right to education, many of them never get an education that meets the provisions of Article 29 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Millions of children are deprived of the opportunity to attend school. The reasons for their exclusion from education system are primary rooted in such factors as their social status, their gender or poverty, forcing them to work in order to survive. Lack of education also limits their ability to fully use other human rights.

The main purpose of education is to meet the needs of people in harmonious development of the personality, creativity, creation of a system of values, increase on this basis of intellectual, cultural, social, and economic potential. As a result of democratization, many national educational institutions have ample opportunity to conduct educational policy that ensures right to education for every citizen. Due to the increasing number of private educational institutions, citizens have the choice of the education form. Provision of educational services on a fee basis by both private and state educational institutions allowed to raise additional funds for educational system development.

For those students, who have chosen this subject for their research proposal, it is critically emphasize the fact that despite the formation of the basic legal framework in the field of education, the major problem remains unresolved and virtually has no impact on the ensuring the right to education of students. The first, who face the problem are the students, their parents, or legal representatives, who attend the educational authorities and the courts to protect their rights.

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