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Free Research Paper on Statistics

Free Research Paper on Statistics:

My project was to show the proportion of the population of students who are right-hand dominant, left-hand dominant, and ambidextrous, is able to use both right and left hands to write. I will also see if the proportion of each type of hand dominance is equal with the other two types of hand dominance. I used a stratified sample by choosing the students that were in each one of my classes.

Because the sample is stratified and not a simple random sample, the results may not be precisely the same as if they were done in a different study. I took the first one hundred and fifty students and used them as my sample.

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Since finding out the information of what hand is dominant or if the person is ambidextrous is not an extremely elaborate process, I did not need to send out surveys or have a long interview. In order to get the data I needed, I simply asked each person included in the study if he or she was left-hand dominant, right-hand dominant, or ambidextrous. The statistics I need to compute are the proportion of those students that are left or right-hand dominant or if they are ambidextrous. I did a hypothesis test to determine if the amount of right-hand dominant students was equal to the amount of left-hand dominant students and also equal to the amount of ambidextrous students.

The best way to show the data will be in a bar graph. By using the bar graph, the viewer will be able to see a distinct difference in which has the largest proportion size and by how much. Another graph I will be using is the pie chart. The pie chart will be easier to see exactly what percentage of a hundred students are right-hand dominant, left-hand dominant, and ambidextrous.

My results proved that the three proportions were not equal. The results proved that over seventy-five percent of the population could be categorized into one hand dominance. From these results, I concluded that there are more right-hand dominant people than left-hand dominant and that there are more left hand dominant people than ambidextrous.

My objective was, by using statistics, to discover what the proportion of right-handers was to left-handers and to those who are ambidextrous. I wanted to see if the proportions were equal in Viterbo students and from the data I found in the small study, I could make conclusions about the entire worlds population.

I went about retrieving the data by taking the first hundred and fifty students that were in my classes. I went up to them and simply asked them which hand was prevalent: right or left or if by chance they were ambidextrous. They told me and I recorded it on my paper. After I got all the data, I punched the numbers into Minitab to make my graphs. After the graphs were made, I took the numbers and put them into the following hypothesis test to see if the three proportions were equal. Upon completing all these tasks, I can them make my conclusions on what the project will prove.

Hypothesis Test
1. Ho: P1=P2=P3=1/3
Hi: not all as stated above
3. C.R: x2 > 4.605
4. Stat: x2 = 188.04
5. Reject Ho, there is significant evidence that proves
not all the proportions are equal.

From the data I have collected, I am concluding that Viterbo students are not equal in the number of those who are left-hand dominant, right-hand dominant and those who are ambidextrous. I am also concluding that the population of the world must be about the same proportions as the Viterbo students were, with eighty-six percent right-handed, ten percent left-handed, and four percent ambidextrous. This means that quite possibly most of us have at least one thing in common: the same hand dominance. Luckily, I am one of those unique and exciting individuals that are left-hand dominant (except in sports). However, being a lefty has hindered my dream of being a surgeon because they make all those delicate instruments for right-handed people. Oh well, I guess I will have to be happy with probing into peoples’ brains psychologically.

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