White Fang Research Paper

White Fang is a novel by Jack London. It was published in English in 1906. The book’s action takes place in the Yukon in the 1890s, at the time of the gold rush in the Klondike.

In the book, one can follow the life and adventures of the wolf-dog.

To write a good White Fang research paper you should know the plot of the book that begins before birth. In the northwestern Canadian wilderness, it is winter. Two men traveling by dogsled, Bill and Henry, are chased by a pack of hungry wolves. The men defended themselves but they only have three pistol shots left and the wolves approaching closer and closer. The strongest of all the wolves is a white female, who is half-wolf, half-dog. She attracts three sled dogs out of the camp at night so that the wolves can kill them.

When one of the men, Henry, trying to save the Fourth of sled dogs that escaped getting himself killed by wolves. Bill is now alone with two dogs and he must keep the fire burning around them like a wall all night to survive. After a few days when the wood is almost empty, and the wolves are only a few feet away, when some men come and chase off the wolves.

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After this the plot of the book follows the wolves. The white female finds a male and mate and get five cubs in a den. But only one of the cubs survive when there is a shortage of food. After fighting with a lynx the male gets killed and the female gets hurt.

The surviving cub is cared for by the Indians. They call it White Fang and Gray Beaver becomes his new owner. One day White Fang goes with Gray Beaver when he should do business with the miners. A man called Handsome Smith, looks at White Fang and want to buy him, but Gray Beaver explains that White Fang is not for sale. Handsome Smith offers when Grey Beaver on whiskey and eventually manages to persuade him to sell White Fang to him to get more whiskey.

White Fang is mistreated by his new owner, Handsome Smith holds competitions that involves White Fang will fight other dogs for him to make money. White Fang becomes aggressive. He wins all dogfights, until one day he has to fight a bulldog. Just because a young man named Weedon Scott sees what is happening and interrupts the battle, White Fang life is rescued. Scott takes care of White Fang and finally he gets White Fang to trust him. When Scott moves from wilderness to civilization, he takes White Fang back home to his family.

Scott’s father, a judge, had once sentenced a man to life imprisonment. The convicted man managed to escape and has vowed to get revenge. Scott’s mother is worried that the convicted man to come to them so she takes in White Fang in the house as a guard dog. One night the convict breaks into the house with a gun and White Fang attacks him. Man shoots White Fang three times and kicks off the wolf dog, but eventually White Fang wins and saves his human family.

White Fang seen after this as a hero, and he lives with his human family to the end of their lives and become self father of five puppies.

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