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Youth Entrepreneurship Research Paper

Free Research Paper on Youth Entrepreneurship:

Youth Entrepreneurship is a program, which helps the young people all over the world to fight poverty by creating job and entrepreneurship for youth. The program aims to resolve the unemployment problem the young people have through the chances of leadership skills development, special education programs and marketable knowledge database necessary to discover the potential of the future economic and social entrepreneurs among youth.

The history of the initiative began in 1998, when it was decided to set up Education Development Center (EDC), an international, charitable organization that manages about 400 projects in more than 100 countries around the world that aim to reduce poverty by improving education and self- appraisal of the young recipients. The Youth Entrepreneurship program was launched in 2002, by a huge number of delegates from different countries, as well as numerous government and charitable organizations from more than 120 countries. This was the start of a long-term program designed primarily for solving the issue of youth unemployment at the global level.

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In 2007, The Youth Entrepreneurship program has received the status of an independent association and is today the world’s leading non-profit organization, which is responsible for the creation and development of 50 commercial projects and programs to promote youth employment. Enormous contribution of the association in the question of youth unemployment is universally recognized. The success of this program shows more than 400 projects implemented in developing countries, mainly in Asia, Africa and South America. During this time, the program has helped nearly one million young people.

In our time, the question of youth employment is particularly acute, and college and university students, who will soon seek for employment, understand this better than others do. That is why writing research papers on youth entrepreneurship is as never topical. In order to represent decently the issue in their research papers, students should make every effort to describe as accurately as possible the origins of this program, its impact, and results. In addition, researchers should specify the main objectives of this kind of non-profits entities and indicate the methods they are using to succeed in their objects.

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