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Term Paper on Biomass

is the general quantity of living substance of the selected ecosystem. The quantity of biomass is measured according to the weight of the live material of the live organisms. The absolute value of the planet’s biomass can be measured in a very approximate way, because it is quite difficult to follow the breeding of animals in different parts of the world calculating their definite number. Moreover, the reproduction of the certain animals is extremely rapid and one will not guess the actual number of the representatives of this definite specie of the definite area. Furthermore, the majority of the depths of Earth’s oceans have not been discovered yet, so it is impossible to state that there is no life there. The approximate calculations of the planet’s biomass are equal to the 16 billion tons of World Ocean and 6 trillion tons on the organisms of the surface.

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The approximate annual growth of biomass is more than 200 billion tons, which is equal to 80 billion tons of oil. A very big percent of biomass is wood, for example, the annual mass of wastes of wood processing is 4 billion tons which are equal to 1 billion tons of oil.

Biomass is often used in energetics, for example, straw, animal’s and poultry’s waste are used for heating. Biomass is a universal resource which can be used in different ways. It can be transformed into chemicals for the further use with the help of numerous processes – fermentation of sugars into alcohol and acid, hydrolysis of carbohydrate, oxidation or hydrogenation.

Biomass is the important source of energy which can be used in numerous spheres of the human life. In the current time of energy crisis the importance of biomass is increasing rapidly. The student is able to observe the problem on biomass attentively and complete a good term paper about the problem. The young person should dwell on the origin of biomass, its types, the calculation of biomass in the world, the equivalents of biomass and traditional sources of fuel. One will need to evaluate the usefulness of biomass in energetics and think about the further broadening of spheres where biomass can be used on practice as a surrogate.

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