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Term Paper on Environmental Sanitation

Environmental sanitation is the complex of efforts which have the duty to improve the condition of the environment in order to make it useful and comfortable for the human life and health. The most obvious targets of environmental sanitation are the purification of water, air and soil in order to make them useful for the human health. It is obvious that one can not survive without pure water, fresh air and soil, because all the wastes, pollutants and chemicals which can be detected in there nowadays cause harm to the human health. Obviously, in order to maintain health, one should exist in the appropriate natural environment, but nowadays it is extremely difficult, because the human activity has caused much harm to the nature. Pollution, poor-quality waste management, contamination, extinction of biological species, global warming, etc are the problems caused by the anthropogenic factors.

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When one is speaking about environmental sanitation, he means a special activity aimed at the purification of drinking water, improvement of the safe water supply; improvement of the quality of air, which has been contaminated cheap cipro generic with emissions from industrial objects and transport; the development of the system of the top-quality waste management, including domestic, animal, industrial and other wastes. Much attention is paid to the improvement of the quality of food products, vegetables and fruit and crops which can be contaminated with pesticides, insecticides and other chemical which can cause harm to the human and animal health. Finally, environmental sanitation is aimed at the logical and adequate organization of the human settlements and improvement of their functioning: the right water and energy supply, waste management and avoidance of littering and pollution of the surrounding wild areas.

Environmental sanitation is the urgent problem which requires rapid solutions, because the humanity has to improve the ecological situation on the planet if it wants to survive. The student is expected to observe the issue in detail in order to explain to the reader the importance and meaning of environmental sanitation, the factors which cause ecological problems, etc. The young professional is asked to dwell on the generation of the methods and techniques which can solve the existing problems and improve the quality of water, soil and air efficiently for the human advantage. Finally, one should evaluate the current condition of environmental sanitation and predict the further rates of its activity.

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Custom Term Paper on Environmental Sanitation

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