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History of Psychology Term Paper

is the discipline which studies the peculiarities of the human psychological development, the origin of various psychological disorders, emotions, feelings, behaviour and the reaction of the human being to the changes in the natural environment.

Psychology is simultaneously the oldest and the youngest science, because people made attempts to think about the human psychology, the origin of emotions and peculiarities of the human behaviour thousands of years ago, while the official establishment of the science happened only in the 19th century.

Obviously, psychology was widely practised in Ancient Greece and the majority of the famous philosophers touched upon the core psychological issues trying to understand the spiritual matter of the human body. No wonder, psychology originated from philosophy and the first ancient psychologists were the famous philosophers. In the run of time the opinion about psychology improved in the minds of the men of thought and they developed such ideas as the existence of the human consciousness (the idea originated in the 17th century), character, temperament, memory, etc.

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The experts differentiated the psychology of the human beings from the animal’s psychology providing reliable arguments about the complexity of the human brain and mind. In the 20th century psychology had its rapid development, because the science received its methodology and divided into a great number of various branches which touch upon different issues on the human physics. For example, there is developmental psychology which studies the peculiarities of the human psychics from the moment of birth till the human death. Psychology is connected with a great number of sciences and improves its methodology cooperating with them.

History of psychology is an interesting topic for the research, because the student has the opportunity to observe the long way of the development of the human thought about the understanding of the human mind, behaviour, emotions, etc. The student has to compose a logical and well-analyzed term paper describing the details of the discipline, the methods of psychology, the branches of the science, the representatives of various schools of psychology in different time and the development of the most important ideas in the long run of time. One should also demonstrate the current condition of psychology and predict its further development.

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