Term Paper on Motion Planning in Robotics

Motion planning in robotics is the complex of efforts aimed at the organization of the peculiarities of motion of machines (robots) which would increase their mobility and effectiveness. It is obvious that motion planning is a complicated and important aspect of robotics, because one of the most valuable and useful qualities of every robot is its ability to move according to the set algorithms fulfilling its duties well. The easiest example of motion planning is a robot constructed on the basis of a toy-car. Engineers have managed to create artificial intellect for the small toy which can be directed by the human being. The quality of the motion of the car will differ according to the type of the robot and its complexity. If the robot is a simple one, the car will move only forwardly.

If the robot is more complicated, it will be able to turn right and left, up and down, working already not in 2D but in 3D area. When the robot is able to fulfill other commands expect of motion, the model is supposed to be a real complex one.

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Motion planning is widely used in industry where complicated machines substitute the human labour and improve the accuracy and level of production. Such robots have many joints and require complex approach towards their motion planning (one has to regulate the work of every joint in the boarders of the single system). Such qualities as automation and autonomy of motion enable using robots in such spheres as robotic surgery, video game artificial intelligence, various sorts of design (for example, architecture, industry, etc).

Motion planning in robotics is an interesting issue for the analysis, because the student is able to improve his knowledge about robotics in general and the peculiarities of the control and design of robot’s motion. The young professional should observe the history of the development of motion planning, the factors which influence this process, the details of the creation of the required algorithms which enable robots to move and fulfill the appropriate tasks. One can dwell on the peculiarities of the technology of motion planning, pay attention to the variety of robots and their application on practice in different spheres of the human life.

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