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Roe v. Wade is a historic decision of The Supreme Court of the United States about the legality of abortion. It is supposed to be the most controversial and politically important decision in the judicial history of the USA. The Court ruled that the woman has the right to stop her pregnancy till the fetus does not become viable.

In the context of the term “viable” one understand the fetus’ autonomy, so that its ability to survive outside the mother’s organism, for example, under the obligatory medical support. The approximate age of autonomy is 7 months (28 weeks), though the period can be reduced to 24 weeks. If the fetus is older than 7 months, abortion is legal only if pregnancy carries danger to the mother’s health and life. This norm was set during the case Doe v. Bolton.

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The issue on abortion occurred in 1969 and it touched upon Norma L. McCorvey – the woman who was raped and got pregnant. Of course, she wanted to stop her pregnancy but was not allowed to do it, though according to the law women have the right for abortion in case of incest and rape. Behalf the raped woman spoke Jane Roe and the defender from the side of the State of Texas was Henry Wade. Roe managed to prove that McCorvey was innocent and that every woman has the right for abortion no matter what the reason is (it is interesting that there was no information about the rape in the issue).

Roe v. Wade is an interesting case for the research, because the student receives information about the peculiarities of decision making at court, the observation and analysis of the issue from all possible sides. So that it is valuable experience for the student who requires more quality theory for the successful work on practice. Moreover, Roe v. Wade is a historic case which in interesting how only in the judicial sphere but for everyone in the whole, because a very important problem on abortion was discussed there. One should study the issue well, learn about the participants and the victim and evaluate the case objectively deciding whether the decision was right or not.

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