Term Paper on Tube Drawing Bending and Swaging

Tube drawing bending and swaging is a complicated process of the projecting, designing and manufacturing of tubes. Pipes are widely used in the human activity, industry, home appliances, toys, etc. They exist in numerous appliances and constructions and they are supposed to make the object lighter and safer, because a tube is stronger and safer than the metal or plastic detail or the similar size but without a hole.

The process of the creation tubes starts from the drawing of the pipe and its projecting. The expert devotes time to prepare the right sketch of the pipe, thinks about the material, the purpose of the pipe and its definite form. After that the tube is manufactured but it is generally straight and requires further processing and designing. The tube is generally kept straight but there are cases when the form of the pipe has to be altered in order to insert it into the certain appliance and make it function well.

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So, the tube is bent in the chosen sectors and to the required degree. Such operations are carried out with the help of the special tools and machines whose power is great enough to alter metal tubes to the appropriate condition. The procedure of swaging is supposed to connect several tubes or their components into the single unity firmly. Swaging improves the strength of the construction and makes the object safer. The process of swaging consists of several stages and there are several types of this procedure, each type suits to the kind of the ripe, its material and the way of its use.

Tube drawing bending and swaging is a complex procedure of the production and projecting of pipes of various types and usage. The student who is asked to research the question of tube drawing bending and swaging should learn about these processes a lot and describe every process in the appropriate way. One is expected to demonstrate the detailed presentation of these processes, the types of these processes, their strong and weak sides and the technologies used to fulfill them successfully. in the end the student should evaluate the importance of the problem of tube drawing bending and swaging and share his own ideas concerning the improvement of the methods and techniques of these processes.

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