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Fiction Book Review Writing Tips

you need to prepare a successful fiction book review, you should know about the most essential rules and standards of writing. You ought to know how to analyze the book correctly and how to build your review professionally. You can take advantage of these informative writing tips, which can explain to you the basic norms of fiction book review writing.

  1. Write a Brief Introduction: It is important to inform the reader about the basic details of your book. To begin with, name its title and write a few words about its author. You can say about other books written by this author in order to demonstrate your background knowledge about literature. Finally, you should write about the genre of the book and evaluate its informative value. You can share your general impressions about it and write about your expectations before reading.
  2. Write a Short Summary of the Fiction Book: When you review a fiction book, you ought to inform the reader about its plot and the main characters. Moreover, it is sensible to mention the main idea of the book in order to help one understand it in general. Bear in mind that you can write a short paragraph about the plot of the book. You must not mention the details. Just provide the reader with the essential facts. You can say a few word about the main characters of the book. You should evaluate their importance for the plot development. It is smart to pick one or two favorite characters and focus on them. Say why you enjoy them and inform the reader about their role in the book.
  3. Write about Your Favorite Part: When you review a fiction book, you advertise it to the reader. You can choose your favorite part of the book and write about it. It is smart to choose a narrow episode or situation, which has rapid development and ending. Support your choice with the professional explanation. You can say that you enjoy the dialogues or a detailed description of a character or the entire situation. Finally, it can be a sophisticated conflict resolution.
  4. Say about the Main Idea of the Book: Every book has its main idea. You should read the text attentively and find it. You can find a great number of problems and motives, which make the book interesting for reading. You can find various social, economic, gender and other problems hidden in the text.
  5. Write about the Author’s Style: It is important to analyze the stylistic side of your book. Every book is not just a source of information, but also a piece of verbal art. The author tries to make his text sound sophisticatedly in order to impress the reader. You are able to find various stylistic devices and analyze the type of narration. Moreover, you can evaluate the general tone and mood of the entire book. You should also pay attention to the structure of the text in order to decipher the composition of the story. Think about the introduction, plot development, climax and resolution. Say whether the author managed to organize these parts successfully.
  6. Summarize Your Impressions: When you have analyzed the plot and the style of the book, you should say whether you like it or not. Would you recommend this book to other students? Why do you like it? Write about its relevance and importance to modern people. Would you like to read other books of the same genre and the same author?

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