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How to Make a College Essay More Personal

A personal essay is a specific assignment. The main idea of this paper is to write your personal impression and personal point of view about the definite problem, event or personality. You can take advantage of these writing instructions in order to make your college essay more personal.

  1. Write about Your Own Impressions and Experience: When you write about the life of a personality or an event, you must not simply describe it from all sides. No one cares about the description of such people and phenomena. You ought to express the impact of this personality on your life. For example, you must not write about your successful father and his strong traits of character and professional skills. You should focus on his influence on your bringing up. Say that he has taught you to be hardworking, ambitious and self-confident. Of course, you ought to support your idea with the definite situations from your real life. On the other hand, you should be very careful while choosing the subject for analysis. Bear in mind that it should be interesting to the reader. Very often the audience in not interested in the things and topics you like. Consequently, try to select a universal phenomenon and persona for analysis.
  2. Introduce Informal Style of Writing: Although a college essay is a formal assignment, you can insert funny situations and jokes, which can make your paper sound more personal. When you write about something serious, you should not use the informal manner of writing. You can apply this style when you describe neutral issues. In addition, you can apply a new approach towards writing. You can invent a new structure and describe the content of the essay in the original way.
  3. Use the Natural Manner of Writing: When you write a personal essay, you should try to express yourself in the most natural way. If one writes about his private life, feelings and emotions, he should try to present them in the most fluent way. It is unnatural to use passive voice in personal essays for college. Moreover, it is not wise to use learned words and a great number of sophisticated stylistic devices. You are writing about yourself; therefore, you do not have to prepare a complex literary work. You can just mention the definite situation or personality and describe how it has influenced your further life. A common personal essay must not contain any clichés and repetitive phrasing. When you use a standard phrase, it will reduce the quality of your essay. It loses its originality and personal style. You can write simpler, but maintain the originality of your text.
  4. Introduce Your Own Opinion: A college essay cannot exist without your personal opinion about the subject. When you write about the event or phenomenon, you should evaluate it. You ought to state that this definite situation or person has helped you realize your potential or improved your self-esteem, etc. A personal essay is a subjective piece of writing; therefore, no one will try to criticize your personal point of view about the issue under analysis.
  5. Be Honest: It is very important to write about the problem honestly. The reader will easily detect that you hide your real point of view about the situation or persona. Consequently, you ought to write about the issues that are interesting to you. Moreover, you should know about them a lot. If you are not good at the topic, you will not be able to describe it correctly.

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