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How to Start Writing a Narrative Story

It is very difficult to prepare a captive narrative story or essay. One should spend much time on the plot development and the proper creation of various descriptions and characters. Doubtless, it is even more difficult to start your narrative story effectively, because a good introduction is very important for the quality of the entire story. It is wise to make the reader interested in your text; therefore, a good start is of vital importance. You are able to get to know about the techniques of starting your narrative story with the help of these writing tips.

  1. Do not Start Your Story Early. Everyone wants to read a completely original and interesting story. No one enjoys predictable plots and problems. Therefore, it is not right to reveal your intentions and characters at once. You ought to prepare an interesting introduction, which will help the reader feel the atmosphere of your story. You are able to write a short description or a brief opening paragraph, which illustrates the definite place or the definite character of your text. Of course, you must not describe your character at once. You should just mention him and point at its importance for the plot development.
  2. Create the Best Hook. It is important to attract the reader’s attention with the help of a small hook. You are able to invent a few sentences, which catch the reader’s attention and make him read your story further. You can ask a thought-provoking or rhetorical question, which improves the values of your story.
  3. Go from General to Specific. Every book begins with the general description of the scenery or the definite complex situation. Obviously, it is easier to catch the aim of a story when you can evaluate it in general. You know something about the definite place and time. After that, the reader expects to get to know about the specific elements of your story. Therefore, you should make him acquainted with the characters and problems of your text.
  4. Start with a Mystery. If you want to make your story interesting and attractive, provide the reader with a puzzle or a few unanswered questions. You should show that you are puzzled and you cannot solve the problem mentioned in the text.
  5. Do not Get Ahead of the Readers. The biggest problem of every amateur writer is the lack of patience. They want to develop their stories rapidly in order to insert all events and characters at once. Naturally, this behavior can confuse the reader. When you overload the reader with numerous facts and descriptions, he will lose the point of your narration.

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