4th of July Celebration Essay

The Fourth of July celebrations changed over the course of the nineteenth century. Many of these events came to pass, recorded or not. The United States’ celebrations of independence changed that it gave way to the emergence of other fundamental human and civil rights from the simple glass of wine, firework display, gun salute, and parade and spectacle. Most likely, the country’s opening From the popularity of John Trumbull and the publication of his work, the Independence Day celebration in Center Square in Philadelphia, the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, the Declaration of Rights of Trade’s Union of Boston and Vicinity to the Declaration of the Sentiments, the Fourth of July in the Country in 1866, and the Free Slaves in Memorial Hall in 1876. Over the courses of actions, the historical context of the Fourth of July made some massive historical significance with great revelries, making the country even more dynamic and productive.

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The historical context of the Fourth of July demonstrated changing celebrations through time. In 1876, the whole African Americans viewed the Fourth of July a solemn day for them portraying the slave in a loincloth with Emancipation Proclamation in his hand while showing his broken chain. Critics might not like that; however, “the African American audiences conveyed a very substantial message – that they deserve sociopolitical justice” (The Sources: Coming Together and Pulling Apart” 314). Indeed, this document presented celebrations of the Fourth of July that differed from the individual’s race and class.

The United States as the economic and political superpower was once a slave of its own. However, the American citizens declared wars and fought their adversaries, such as England to gain their independence. Since then, the American people celebrated their liberty every Fourth of July. The first celebration happened on July Fourth in 1777. This year became notable since it was the first year a year after the announcement of freedom from England. On the other hand, the fete on every Fourth of July undertook certain changes to the point that the merriments transformed in years including the firework displays, the parades, and the drunken toasts went out of style (The Sources: Coming Together and Pulling Apart” 309). Over the years, the United States citizens celebrated their independence annually to give tribute to those who fought and worked hard to achieve their freedom.

The biggest Independence Day celebration happened in Philadelphia. A number of people or participants joined in the occasion to commemorate the freedom they deserve and the time of struggle their ancestors fought to offer them independence. In this occurrence, the Continental Congress spearheaded the official dinner with toasts and gun salutes (The Sources: Coming Together and Pulling Apart” 308). Many of the American people, especially the officials made speeches while others were partaking in firework displays and parades. Of course, the festivity in the Center Square of Philadelphia in 1777 and also in 1812 in which people enjoyed food, drink, dance, and music. In addition, “the military people organized a parade in the background, and the women distributed pamphlets for independence” (“The Sources: Coming Together and Pulling Apart” 308). All these initial celebrations did, however, set the character of the future festivities of independence.

The presence of 13 toasts as a symbol of celebrating American Independence transpired. The Revolutionary War Troops, for example, did also revel on July 4, 1778, to mark another year of freedom. In fact, George Washington provided a double ration of rum of his troops and ordered a cannon greeting to mark the occasion. However, this current and young country figured out how to memorialize its freedom. The deaths of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both on July 4, 1826, changed the new culture of independence (The Sources: Coming Together and Pulling Apart” 309). However, the people hurled trivial but garish fireworks and public parade that strolled around the area. In the evening, a selected toastmaster would provide 13 toasts dedicated to the United States and to George Washington (The Sources: Coming Together and Pulling Apart” 310). Then, the toastmaster would toast some political leaders and policies who affiliated to the political leaders and affairs. In the end, these toasts became part of the celebration of independence.

Moreover, the celebrations of the Fourth of July changed during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The military people, the groups of women, the African-American communities, groups of men and women, as well as their children began to change due to their political and social desires to attain civil rights and their human freedom. The celebration of the Fourth of July did, however, changed over the courses of actions of the eighteenth century (The Sources: Coming Together and Pulling Apart” 316). The transformation of these celebrations, including the way people perceived, happened due to economic, military, political, and social shifts.

Personally, my own experiences of Fourth of July celebrations did not totally diverge from the rest of the American people and community. The Fourth of July would be a day for fun, excitement, parade, and compassion through community socializing. However, I preferred to limit drinking alcohol beverages but endorsed wines instead, to brag the American character. All celebrations that came together slowly pulled apart. The reason why this situation happened was due to the changing views after the American Civil wars when one wanted to gain freedom.

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