Essay on Women’s Roles in Two Plays

Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll House” and Frederico Garcia Lorca’s “The House of Bernarda Alba” are two tales of oppression and hardship of a few women who represent a larger scale of problems, such as the unjust treatment that women face, in the societies of their times.

Not only do these two plays tackle similar themes, but they also share the use of a common metaphor, a house that can be seen in the title. The use of the words house rather than home foreshadow the idea that their house is not a home at all, but rather it pays more resemblance to that of prison. The entire duration of Ibsen’s “A Doll House” takes place during Christmas season in the guest warming habitation of the Helmers, a traditional Norwegian family. The themes of this play are largely associated to the sacrifices women make, as opposed to men when accepting family roles and obligations.  Lorca’s house, or “The House of Bernarda Alba,” tells the story of Bernarda Alba, a widowed mother of five daughters. The play develops its themes by focusing on the characters of Bernada, her mother Maria Josefa, and her youngest daughter Adela. These three women tell the story of women at three different stages in their lives and the role that the forms of persecution and adversity such a woman can face plays in shaping one’s growth, personality and mental health.
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Essay about Angel Cuadra

Angel Cuadra, a Cuban poet and an active participant in the contemporary movements against Socialist regime in the country, used his poetic skills to describe the social realities in Cuba. The poem “The New Man” written in the years in prison perfectly reflects the mood of the author and apparently explains his social position. The following close reading indicates the writer’s experience and concludes the relevance of his work in the context of events.

From the first lines, the reader becomes a spectator of the interaction between the two forces – the nation and its leaders. Cuadra does not introduce himself as a character, but masterly describes the opposing images in work. The leaders who are impersonally called ‘they’ in the poem establish the governance for the population to follow and obey, while the cumulative image of the population is represented by ‘a man.’ Introducing the idea of conflict between the two confronting sides, the writer points out the relationship between them saying that the leader’s issue orders and people just blindly carry them out. It is obvious that the government is a machine that pursues its own goals neglecting people’s interests and social values. The similarities to a Marxist-Leninist political system and the communist views borrowed from the partner relations with the Soviet Union have identified the direction of country’s development then. According to the author, murder, violence, and blasphemy are typical for this period. However, as Cuadra states, the executors are never really fairly treated – they never get adequate praise for their deeds but are blamed by the author for submission and humility.

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Measles Virus Research Paper

Today, when technology, science, and industry are on the very rise, society can enjoy the achievements and inventions of last century in full scope. We drive modern vehicles, eat best food, use new devices. We even communicate and make friends through modern media – internet, webcam, e-mail, or social network. However, development of technology does not necessarily make people happy. The most precious things in our life are still impossible to get with help of modern inventions. I mean love, happiness, and of course health. Of no doubt, medicine and pharmaceutical science have made a great step forward during last decades. Nevertheless, there are certain diseases that are still a threat to human health and even life. For example, although many types of viruses were investigated and overcame, some viruses are still dangerous for people. One of such viral diseases is measles, caused by rubeola virus. Despite its rareness, rubeola is a serious illness.

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The International Criminal Court Essay

Politics Commentary – The International Criminal Court (ICC)

The special report of the UPI’s website, released on the 18th this month, indicated that the ICC’s activities in Libya, i.e. the removal of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, sent a message to others accused and observed by the ICC. Moreover, the article also mentioned the possible shift in the world’s perception of the importance of the existence of an international court and its influence on International Law and the war against impunity.

According to the official website of the ICC and the paper of Bernhard Graefrath, “Universal Criminal Jurisdiction and an International Criminal Court”, in the last decades, from the First World War until today, many conventions and activities on an international level were driven by the idea of the pursuit of a universal criminal jurisdiction or the dream of the establishment of an international criminal court. Many obstacles and unclarities, however, were needed to be overcome in order to make a step forward towards one of the two outcomes stated above. For example, it had to answer basic legal questions concerning sovereignty, drawing a clear line between ICC and the existing order of international law, jurisdiction of a country, a member of the ICC (who will be the one to judge- the national court or the ICC), a possible contradiction to international politics and national interests, and others.

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Othello’s Relationship with Desdemona Essay

One of the most outstanding Shakespeare’s quotations runs as follows: Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love. Indeed, in literature we may often observe unusual and contradictory cases, which can hardly be called a real love. Othello may be regarded as a bright example of such arguable, mysterious and conflicting feeling.

What kind of person is Othello? Is his soul as black as his skin? Does he really love Desdemona? Can he love at all? Can we blame him for his deeds after all? Let’s try to clear it out.

To begin with, Othello is depicted as a man of an extraordinary appearance and an exotic temper. Obviously, he’s contrasted to all the other characters, his image in the work is very complicated and his actions are quite unpredictable. During the whole play, he is not described as great passionate and sophisticated lover, though he tries to do his best. The inner world of the Moor is rather strict and emotionless, though we cannot deny that he is very kind and fair. Othello claims to have an innocent soul, he often speaks about his position, honor and justice. Having married Desdemona, he’s not intended to hide, the Moor defends his feelings:

“My parts, my title, and my perfect soul
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‘The Mousetrap’ Essay

The Mousetrap once was only a title of a brilliant work of an outstanding writer. Now it’s also a part of the English spirit due to its performance on the stage. Agatha Christie probably even hadn’t expected such a success but The Mousetrap became the longest running show. As far as the play has really become a remarkable sight, it attracts crowds of tourists who come to see the United Kingdom.

As for the plot of the play, it’s actually quite good. The characters are rather extraordinary, vivid and different. Agatha Christie managed to fill the story with a lot of suspects, false clues and bright conflicts in order to keep the audience interested up to the end. The action of the play begins with the radio announcement: a woman has been murdered. Of course, it’s a key event in the plot and the audience guesses that it’s very important. As for the mousetrap itself, it is a hotel, which receives the first visitors and is slammed by the snowfall. Continue reading

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Medieval Chivalry essay

Chivalry’s origins come from afar medieval. In dark times of the Middle Ages when people had to survive in multiple civil wars followed by hunger and plague, they needed something that could bring their spirit up. That was the moment when the institution of knighthood appeared. The main principles of chivalry included honor, dignity, courage, and necessity to serve own fatherland with loyalty and devotion. Some people think that ideology of chivalry has died with metal armor and fighting on swords a long time ago. But there are many cases that prove the opposite point of view. Even in modern society principles of chivalry have found their own place. Let’s try to define what ideas came to us from the Middle Ages and how they are presented in our time.

“Chivalry is only a name for that general spirit or state of mind which disposes men to heroic actions, and keeps them conversant with all that is beautiful and sublime in the intellectual and moral world” (Digby 26). To my mind, this definition describes chivalry very precisely. From this perspective we could apply the ideas of chivalry to modern society. A knight is not necessarily a warrior in shiny armor. An ordinary office clerk could be a knight in sense of his inner qualities and his deeds. A modern knight is a generous and honest man who respects himself and the others and is always ready to help someone in need. I believe this kind of people still exists in our days and such words like dignity and honor are not just some meaningless sounds. Continue reading

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Executive Summary Essay

College students are important target market by virtue of the sheer size of the population and their potential as relatively higher-income consumers upon graduation. The automotive industry must therefore engage in learning students’ preferences and appeal to them with the aim of securing sales and creating brand loyalty. This study investigates some key characteristics of college students as consumers and offers insights into their needs, wants, priorities, preferences and value perceptions.

The sample used in our survey (n=100) had a mean age of 22.5 (SD=1.5), 58% of which were males. Car ownership history was rather skewed, with an average of 2.1 cars previously owned by the time of the survey, even though the biggest group owned only one car so far. Not surprisingly, age is a strong predictor of car ownership history, with a positive correlation of (.5) between age and number of cars owned. Most of the cars (52%) were purchased via dealerships or through online car advertisements (26%).    Continue reading

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Comparing Narrative Fiction and Nonfiction

The world of literature, which entails the line of work for several professions (such as writers and editors), the study of literary works, and the latter’s place in the society, is a highly dominant field in every modern culture. Just like science and other kinds of art, literature can only exist when a certain minimal set of circumstances occur. That is, in order for the writer, for instance, to be able to focus on the literary work, someone else must provide for the writer’s shelter, food and so on, or else the writer must earn a livelihood instead of creating his literature. As a consequence, literature depends on the production of other members of the society, and thus the notion of many writers, scholars and others, who feel committed to improve the lives of their peers in the field, the construction site or anywhere else. For that reason, and due to the central role of work in readers’ lives, work was and still is a central theme in literature. Continue reading

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Mapping and Redesigning a Healthcare Process Essay

Unlike many other products and services, the demand for healthcare services is constantly growing, and so is the complexity of interactions patients have with various care provision units. Most healthcare institutions (especially in the public sector) are seeking ways to reduce the costs and simplify the processes relating to their main area of operations (i.e. their specific clinical purposes). The need to reduce the burden of growing demand and the obligation to provide the best possible care to patients motivate healthcare professionals to implement cutting-edge business solutions in their institutions.

Six Sigma is a well-established set of tools to analyze, improve and control business processes. With the aim of making decisions on the basis of hard quantitative evidence, Six Sigma “augments traditional quality tools with exacting statistical analysis and a systematic problem-solving approach, targeting the root cause of variations and redefining processes for long-term results” (Cherry and Seshadri 43). Different Six Sigma-based change processes have been designed and successfully implemented in radiology settings, resulting in increased efficiency and higher customer satisfaction (Viau and Southern 20). This paper demonstrates the use of several methodologies to analyzes and improve the performance of the ultrasound unit at the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait City. It is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the current state of affairs in the unit, and focuses on changing several core processes that may negatively affect the unit’s ability to handle the growing demand to its services. Continue reading

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