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    Serine and Glycine Metabolism in Cancer Essay

    Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled growth and division of masses of cell that sometimes take the shape of an outgrown tumor. Other times, tumors remain inside the body and are detected only through medical tests such as x-rays, ultrasound, and such. The purpose of this article by Amelio et al. is to inform readers about recent developments regarding the serine/glycine biosynthetic pathway that is crucial to the abnormal growth of cells in cancerous tumors. Cancer cells thrive on proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Serine and glycine are the precursors for these molecules. De novo synthesis of serine, which provides precursors for various biosynthetic pathways. The typical glycolysis process provides…

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    Anthropometry Example Essay

    Introduction Anthropometry is the science that deals with the measurement of physical properties in the human body. These dimensional descriptions are usually used to determine the size and shape of the body. In this regard, various methods are used to measure the composition of the body. According to Madden and Smith (2014), the conventional methods that are often used to assess the shape, size, and composition of the human body include the Body Mass Index (BMI), the waist to hip ratio, bioelectrical impedance and the skin-fold test. The Usefulness of BMI The Body Mass Index is the most preferred method used in Anthropometry since it is easy to gather the…

  • Research Papers

    The Zika Virus Research Paper

    In humans, the lifecycle of the Zika virus infection starts when the Aedes female mosquito deposits its virus on the skin or the bloodstream. The keratinocytes and the fibroblasts are permissive of the infection. The pathogen recognition receptors (PRR) and the tool like receptors (TLR) trigger the expression of the IFN genes to begin the life cycle (McArthur, 2017). The IFNs that come in type1 and type2 are imperative for controlling the flaviviruses infections by inhibiting the viruses’ replication. Stimulated genes which include the MX-1 and the ISG-15 are triggered when the dermal fibroblasts are infected by the Zika Virus (Makhluf, 2018).

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    Bilingualism Essay Example

    Bilingualism is the ability to speak in two languages. In the era of globalization and constant movement of people from one country to another for study, work, and life, there is the need to master at least two languages to communicate effectively with people. English is currently dominant around the world, but this does not make it the exclusive language of communication in every context. Those who can speak at least two languages are in a better position to cope in various parts of the world. In this essay, I discuss the findings of an interview with a Chinese student pursuing his studies in the United States. His name is…

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    Critical Media Analysis Essay Example

    The Koff Beer commercial is classical example of the gender stereotypical issues advanced by the media in North America. In the commercial, a group of three men are having beers at night next to a bone fire and a couple of horses. They are nodding rhythmically without any music when one of them suddenly starts talking about the quiet night and the expected changes. Through jhoozing, this image combines numerous cultural elements and assigns them a higher class status (Sender, 2006). A woman later passes near them and proceeds to feed the horses. They all look at her and orders her to bring another round of beers. The conversation is…

  • Research Papers

    Two Companies Compare and Contrast Research Paper

    Background of Industry and Companies Spotify and Pandora are significant stakeholders in the music streaming industry, which dates back to the 20th century. The platforms provide registered users with the access to music released by various artists all over the world. They charge for playing music and then pay the agreed percentage of royalties to the musicians. Spotify was founded in April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Its headquarters are situated in Luxembourg City. The firm deals in the sale of streaming rights for music belonging to artists who have enrolled for the service (Wlömert & Papies, 2016). Currently, the platform has 207 million users, with 96 million…

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    Fiction Story Essay Example

    John Mertens John Mertens was the 35th governor of the States of Illinois and the first African-American to assume such a leadership position. He retained his status as the governor from 1921 to 1929 a time when the USA experienced a Civil War, and there was still a lot of African slave trade. Just before the wrangles ended, in 1931 the governor was diagnosed with prostate cancer and hospitalized. After a six month of battling with the illness, he died at the age of 56. However, he is still recognized as a “great emancipator” for working towards addressing slavery in the United States. He was part of the delegation that…

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    Argumentative Essay on American Democracy

    Democracy in America was fought for by renowned activists who were against the oppression of the people of color. Due to various atrocities that people of African American origin faced, revolutionists and human activists like the likes of Martin Luther King, stood on their grounds to defend the rights of the people. Slowly by slowly, democracy was seen to pave its way into the society. People could enjoy their freedom and exercise equal rights within the society. However, to some extent, full democracy lacked within the American societies. There are still issues of racism and discrimination that raises question whether there is full democracy in America? This is a debatable…

  • Research Papers

    Storytelling Analysis Project

    The Role of Storytelling One of the things that have been fundamental in preserving the culture and values of humanity is storytelling. It is influential in the social realm of communities because it offers a direct link to the past, as well as offers a glimpse into the future. Ever since human beings placed their foot on the earth’s surface, storytelling has been part and parcel of their lifestyles. Stories have been told from one generation to another, even before literary experts started to put down in black and white what was formerly told orally. This analysis aims to compose a script for a podcast that explores and reflects upon…

  • Research Papers

    Walmart Research Paper

    The central facts of this case revolve around the birth and success of the Wal-Mart chain of stores. Sam Walton targeted small sparsely populated rural towns with less than ten thousand occupants. Sam Walton aimed at growing the business and establishing more Wal-Mart stores in big cities across the globe. Wal-Mart took advantage of the Environmental Awareness Program and the Buy American plan to convey their environmental awareness. The aforementioned facts about Wal-Mart raise several assumptions. It is believed that it’s through eliminating other small merchants that Wal-Mart attained its position. Additionally, the Environmental Awareness and the Buy American programs helped communicate Wal-Mart’s ethical responsibility. Despite its success, Wal-Mart has…