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Free Essay: A Woman of No Importance

My beloved Gerald,
I remember the being your age. I know how confusing these years can be and how significant are the decisions you are about to take. As you embark on your own journey, one that – although I will not take part in – will surely fill me with pride, please allow me to share some of my experience with you. I hope and believe that my experience can help you to avoid some of the mistakes I have done and to navigate successfully in the troubling water of our era.

Impressive as he is in some circumstances, your father is not the glorious man I thought he was when falling in love with him. He is indeed your father, and for that he deserves your unconditional respect and love, but has some other sides that you should avoid.

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I know that wealth and status may seem lucrative for a young man. But as time goes by, you will (just as I did) learn how such things are nothing but hollow veils, hollow enough to see the pain and loneliness they inadequately cover. Yes, the veil might be needed in some social clubs, but when the party is over, today’s society will never accept those who reject our very basic moral values. People may enjoy being in the company of the wealthy and the witty, but they also listen and may sooner or later learn if their companions are trustworthy, if they are honest and caring, and – above all – if they possess enough of what holds us all together as societies and families in difficult times. Your father, unfortunately, is one of those whose shallowness could be veiled for time, and thus by repeating his ways you may end up just like the man you tried to kill.

I am not writing you all these to say that the values, norms and behavior we experience today are to be praised. On the contrary; I paid a great deal for my choices, while your father never suffered from it just for being the man he is (and, in fact, just for being a man). Just many other young people, I was also swayed by your father’s character and truly believed that he will open every door I always wanted to go through. But now I know how different reality is, as my mistake led me to some of the darkest corners of society and poked even more holes in my veils.

It is time to say goodbye, my beloved son. I leave you now to let you flourish on your own and to deal with the hurdles of life. Despite my contempt for the place my affair with your father has taken me, I urge you to be as good for him as you were for me, albeit without going back to the places I was carried to. Keep your eyes open and do not fall to the agony of living the corrupted and hallow life we have left behind.

Your mother Rachel

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